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Honey Butter Lobster Tails

The perfect combination of sweet and savory for dinner! Honey butter lobster tails.

Bee Sting Biscuits

The perfect way to spice up your breakfast table. Hot honey biscuits, serve with your favorite sides or gravy and enjoy!

Bacon Country Gravy

Old fashioned biscuits and gravy with a little bit of heat from our Hot Honey Bee Sting rub. You'll have everyone com...

Bee Sting Bacon Crack

An appetizer with a sting! Lay down some crescent rolls, drizzle in a homemade brown sugar maple hot honey sauce and ...

Fireball Pig Shots

FIREBALL! Enjoy a treat with your favorite shot! Fireball Pig Shots!

Pretzel Wrapped Hot Honey Brie

The perfect holiday treat with some heat! Baked brie wrapped in a homemade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel and seasoned wi...

Candied Bacon Brussel Sprouts

A Thanksgiving side your family won't be able to resist! Candied bacon brussel sprouts seasoned in our Bee Sting Hot ...

Red Rum Pulled Pork

Halloween is in the air! BEWARE! Pulled pork injected with rum and Cherry Coke for the spooky color! Topped with Cher...

Smoked Pimento Cheese Pig Shots

You can't be a sweet and savory meat shot! Sausage wrapped in bacon and filled with homemade Pimento Cheese and toppe...

Buttery Hot Honey Shrimp

The shrimp has entered the hive with a kick! Smoked in butter and our Hot Honey Bee Sting rub you won't be able to ke...

Jalapeno Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Cut butterfly style, filled with cream cheese, jalapenos, seasoned with Bee Sting, and wrapped in bacon.

Peach Tea Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Sweet with a little punch! Peach Tea burnt ends rubbed with our Hot Honey Bee Sting rub and smoked to a tender perfec...


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