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The secret to a barbecue you and your guests won’t forget? A great BBQ rub. BBQ rubs allow the slow cooking of the meat to absorb all the possible flavor it can — and whether you like yours salty or sweet, a dynamic and delicious BBQ rub from PS Seasoning can make a big difference in your meal.

What spices are in BBQ rub?

The flavors we use in our BBQ rubs vary — each has a distinct (and delicious) flavor profile. But a good meat rub is typically built from sugar, pepper and salt, with lots of other spices and seasoning (cumin, garlic, paprika, mustard, etc.) in between. You can check our list of gluten-free ingredients on each rubs’ page. Our BBQ rub ingredients also do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

What is a wet rub versus a dry rub?

A wet rub is just that — like a dry rub, but wet. Any liquid can do, but commonly the liquid is oil, marinade, citrus juice or vinegar (in fact we even recommend apple cider vinegar with our Homemade Apple Pie Cinnamon Spice BBQ rub for additional apple flavor). Liquid can help seasoning such as dry rubs stick to meat, a special consideration with chicken, for example.

How to use a BBQ dry rub

A BBQ rub’s job is to add flavor through the whole volume of your meat or poultry. It also adds color, since the cooking temperature doesn’t get high enough in typical smoking or barbecue to turn the meat brown by itself. Color often comes from paprika and chili powder in the rub. Applying a dry BBQ rub on your chicken, pork or any meat you feel like is the best way to obtain both a colorful and flavorful result and make an award-winning recipe!

Key BBQ rub tips

Use your BBQ rub liberally. You want to cover the entire surface. Your rub is going to form a crust that will help you achieve the delicious bark that makes barbecue so mouth-watering. Especially with our award winning bbq rub recipes.

Careful with your temperatures. Good barbecue seasoning can make all the difference for a steak or a burger, too, and PS Seasoning has some delicious concoctions you can use to level up your next grill — you can judiciously use a meat rub, as well. But if you put a dry rub directly on your steak, chances are you’re going to get a smoky flavor, and not a good one. Sugar is a key ingredient in a BBQ rub and burns starting at 265 degrees. So take care with your heat when you’re using a BBQ rub outside of low-temperature barbecuing and smoker use in order to get the full benefit of the meat rubs’ flavor.

The art of the que

As any pitmaster will tell you, barbecuing is an art. So is making a great BBQ rub. PS Seasoning has years of fine-tuning and experimenting on BBQ rubs behind us and we’ve found some delicious, and maybe even surprising, flavors.

BBQ Chicken rub

Our popular Cock-A-Doodle Brew Beer Can Chicken Rub gives a honey ale taste one reviewer called the “perfect blend of sweet and spicy.” If you like your chicken Nashville Hot Chicken style, our Spicy Nashville Honky Tonk Hot Chicken seasoning delivers the goods, getting your chicken and wings to rock. Love honey mustard? Our Jackpot Carolina Gold Honey Mustard BBQ rub loves you.

BBQ Pork rubs

If you’re looking for a meat rub that has a great flavor for pork chops, pulled pork or ribs, try the pepper sugar punch of The Notorious P.I.G. Rub. For a sweet-and-savory dollop of comfort, try our Homemade Apple Pie Cinnamon Spice BBQ Rub. This sweet BBQ rub is sure to have everyone rolling for your ribs or pork chops.

Brisket rubs

If you want to make some brisket with some of the most delicious burnt ends you’ve ever tasted, we have something for you — our Smoky Texas BBQ Rodeo Rub brisket seasoning. The famous Texas BBQ rub only needs brown sugar, spices, and hickory smoke to allow your brisket (or steaks, or ribs) to shine.


The truth is, you can use our rubs on nearly anything — let your imagination and appetite guide you. Pulled pork rub on wings? Our Homemade Apple Pie Cinnamon Spice BBQ rub on just about anything from ribs to turkey? Sounds good, we’ll be right over.

Check out our BBQ rubs and the masterly uses our customers put them to in the gallery below. Get ready to raise your que game today!

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