Our Story

History: A Four Generations Strong, Family-Owned Business

For almost 60 years, four generations of the Hanni family have been dedicated to mastering the craft of smoking and seasoning. PS Seasoning & Spices was formed in 1984 as a natural progression from our industrial meat smoker company: Pro Smoker 'N Roaster formed in 1977. Our experience dates back well before our companies were born.

Harold Hanni founder of PS Seasoning & Spices and Pro Smoker 'N Roaster was born during the midst of the Great Depression in 1931. The Hanni family relied on old world cheese and sausage making skills to stretch their resources during those tough times. Harold’s father Gottfried Hanni taught him everything there was to know about making great cheese and smoked sausage. When Harold Hanni returned from serving his country during the Korean War he had a renewed interest in the art of sausage making. As the Hanni family grew Harold shared his love for sausage making with his five sons. Harold’s passion for the craft inspired him to build a homemade smoker from an old chest freezer.

One cold Wisconsin winter day in 1976 Harold’s homemade chest freezer/smoker caught fire and nearly burnt the house down. This near disaster inspired Harold to design a safe way for the home sausage maker to smoke sausage. Harold’s pursuit of a safe smoker became a reality with the Model 100. Harold and his sons began making smokers for grocery stores and specialty shops.

Ken Hanni (Harold’s son) and Ken’s wife Kate formalized the Hanni family’s love of sausage making by officially incorporating PS Seasoning as a business with Harold in 1984. Harold was the model for the company’s trademarked mascot. The cartoon icon of Lil' Harry became synonymous with old world flavor and craftsmanship.



Today PS Seasoning & Spices carries on old-world flavors and celebrates traditions of the past while also creating new products and blends to meet modern day demands.

Our Mission Statement:

We passionately serve those who enjoy food and beverages by using the latest innovations to deliver quality products and superior customer service.

PS Seasoning has library of over 3,000 seasoning blends and spices. Available to both wholesale and retail markets, our offerings are designed for Sausage Making, BBQ, Culinary and more. To complete our offering, we added our gourmet line of products, Savor the Seasons. Our goal is to make gourmet simple and your life easier. Savor's unique flavor combinations help anyone who steps foot in the kitchen from the occasional cook to the experienced Chef. Pro Smoker 'N Roaster, its sister company, manufactures smoker/ovens from 50lb to 6,000lb capacity. PS Seasoning and Pro Smoker are industry leaders and look forward to blending their success with yours.

Over the years PS Seasoning has won several state and national awards in both BBQ and Meat competitions such as The Big Pig Gig Reserve Grand Champion. PS Seasoning and its customers have taken home hundreds of state and national awards by Associations like The American Meat Processors, Wisconsin Meat Processors, Minnesota Meat Processors, Nebraska Meat Processors, well you get the picture and many more. This is proof that creating award winning flavor profiles isn't our business it's our passion.

With three generations of Hanni’s currently in the mix, PS Seasoning continues to provide great tastes and blends. We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving you for generations to come.


    Wisconsin Cheese Makers AssociationIowa Meat Processors AssociationMissouri Association of Meat ProcessorsMinnesota Association of Meat ProcessorsNebraska Association of Meat Processors



PS Seasoning & Spices is proud to announce we are now SQF Level 2 Certified!

SQF Certified