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Frequently Asked Questions

Processing Time

How long is the processing time for orders?

2 Business Days


Does Hawaii and Alaska qualify for Free Shipping over $49?

Unfortunately, not, those orders will be sent out by the United States Postal Service. 

Will I receive a notification that my package shipped?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number and information for your package once it ships.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, however Canada does not qualify for Free Shipping at checkout.


What is a B-Unit?

A B-Unit covers 25 lbs of meat

What is a C-Unit?

A C-Unit covers 12.50 lbs of meat

How long do seasonings last?

The seasonings never go "bad" they just tend to loose their potency over time. If opened, make sure they are in a dry area with a sealed zip lock bag. 

Do we carry Gluten-Free Products?

Yes, by typing in Gluten-Free in the search box on our web page you will be able to locate our gluten-free options that are available.

What is the difference between clear and mahogany casings?

There is no difference besides the color, some individuals like a darker smoked color from the mahogany.

How long do natural casings last?

 4-6 months in the refrigerator and 1 year in the freezer.

How long do I soak fibrous casings?

Soak in warm water for about 30 minutes before stuffing.

How long do I soak natural casings?

Soak in warm water for about 20 minutes as they are already pre-soaked.

What size casings are in the Snack Stick Kit?

21 mm clear collagen.

What size casings are in the Summer Sausage Kit?

2.50 x 20 Fibrous

Do I have to soak smoked or fresh collagen casings before using them?

No soaking is required for these casings.

Other Questions

How much cheese do I use when making sausage?

2-3 lbs of cheese per 25 lbs of meat.

Do you have a retail store?

Unfortunately, we no longer have a physical brick & mortar retail store, however, orders can still be picked up at our location when requested over the phone.

Do you send out catalogs in the mail still?

We have switched over to a more digital way of things, where we can email you a version or you can view it on our online web page

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