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BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Sweet, sassy, tangy, spicy, however you like it, there's no denying that everything tastes better slathered in BBQ sauce. These mouthwatering sauces are perfect for pitmasters and home cooks alike.

Recipe Inspiration

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Finger Licking BBQ Sauces

Lather it on, dip it in, and get ready to get your fingers messy. Our sweet, tangy, and spicy BBQ sauces help bring out the flavor of your meat, and if you end up going back for seconds, don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

What Is BBQ Sauce Usually Made Of?

Ingredients in each barbecue sauce can vary but the base of the sauce typically consists of vinegar, tomato paste, or mustard. You can typically find onion powder, pepper, sugar, and ketchup in BBQ sauce as well. Now, if you’re talking about honey BBQ sauce or mustard BBQ sauce, it makes sense that these ingredients are included in their respective recipe. No matter which BBQ sauce you will go for, you can be sure that PS Seasoning has gathered the highest quality of ingredients to make our own sauces.

Is BBQ Sauce Just Ketchup?

The short answer is no! Barbecue sauce isn’t just ketchup, although it can contain tomato sauce. Some BBQ sauces are made with a base of pepper and vinegar, others with mustard, while some are made with a tomato base. There’s much more that goes into BBQ sauces that give it flavoring perfect for grilled and smoked meat.

What is BBQ Sauce Good On?

There are many classic ways to use BBQ sauce. Lather it on grilled chicken, wings, pulled pork, or ribs. But why not get creative with your BBQ sauces? Try it on pizza, nachos, as a dip, or as a condiment on hot dogs or burgers.

The Most Popular BBQ Sauces

Whether you’re craving something sweet, something tangy, or something spicy, PS Seasoning has the best BBQ sauces just for you. Get your hands on our top-selling BBQ sauces.

Cherry Bomb - Door County Cherry BBQ Sauce

This BBQ sauce is an explosion of cherry flavor. Made with both cherry juice and Door County cherries, as well as chipotle, this barbecue sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Cherry Bomb BBQ sauce is perfect on pork chops, ribs, and pulled pork.

Hot Honey Bee Sting - Chipotle BBQ Sauce

The hot spice of chipotle pepper blends together perfectly with the sweetness of honey in this delectable Hot Honey Bee Sting BBQ sauce. Lather it on wings, pulled pork, salmon, or BBQ chicken for a flavor that will have everyone raving.

Bourbon Barrel - Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Looking for something tangy? We’ve got you covered with the Bourbon Barrel BBQ sauce. Equal parts smoky and sweet, this sauce has a tomato paste base with bourbon, molasses, and brown sugar rounding out the main ingredients.

Peach Buzz - Bourbon BBQ Sauce

When you’re in the mood for something sweet and boozy, go for the Peach Buzz Bourbon BBQ sauce. With just the right amount of sweetness and bourbon, this barbecue sauce pairs well with ribs, pork chops, wings, pulled pork, and salmon.

Blue Ribbon - Competition style BBQ Sauce

Our classic Blue Ribbon BBQ sauce is an award-winning blend of tomato, hickory smoke, and molasses. Cook like a professional chef with this old-school sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. Try it on beans, ribs, BBQ chicken, and burnt ends.

Black Belt - Korean BBQ Sauce

Give a kick to your next barbecue party with our Korean BBQ Sauce - the Black Belt. Powered by sesame, ginger and gochugaru chili, this sauce will knock you off your feet.

Do You Put BBQ Sauce On Before or After Cooking?

You want to put your choice barbecue sauce on the meat right before it’s done cooking. The sugars in BBQ sauces will burn if you put the sauce on before cooking, but if you don’t add the barbecue sauce until after, the meat can’t absorb the flavors. Adding the sauce right before it’s done grilling ensures the sauce can caramelize and won’t burn.

How Do You Cook Meat With BBQ Sauce?

Whether you’re new to grilling and smoking, or want to learn some more tips on your journey to becoming a grillmaster, we have you covered with guides on BBQ sauce basics and the 3-2-1 method to easy BBQ smoked ribs.

What BBQ Sauces Are Gluten-Free?

Find our gluten-free BBQ sauces by looking for the “gluten-free” label above the ingredients list on various barbecue sauces. Our gluten-free Black Belt Korean BBQ sauce is the perfect blend of gochugaru chili, ginger, and sesame that gives your meat a kick.

Sauce It Real Good

Find your new favorite BBQ sauce for the perfect flavored meat. PS Seasoning has everything you need to grill and smoke to perfection.

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