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Join the #PSFAMILY

a family obsessed with flavor

For the Hanni family, flavor isn't just a passion —it's an obsession. For four generations, our family has dedicated itself to providing the very best seasonings and sauces for the meat industry.

From our humble beginnings at our small spice shop in Iron Ridge, WI to the massive library of flavors we have today, one thing remains true: our commitment to quality. When you join our Ambassador program you join a likeminded group of people passionate about great tasting food and flavors— our #PSFamily

Perks of the program

Meet our team of chefs, foodies, sausage makers, pitmasters, and cooking enthusiasts. Follow them to see the creative ways they use PS products and get tips and recipes ideas.

Ambassador FAQs

What are the requirements for joining?
  • A public profile on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube with an engaged following.
  • High-quality content and imagery that is focused on BBQ, sausage making or meat-forward cooking.
  • Family-friendly brand and messaging
Are there posting requirements?

Ambassadors in good standing are eligible to receive quarterly free product boxes and launches if they post using PS product at least 2-3 times per month.

Do I get paid?

At this time, we have discontinued our affiliate program. If you are a YouTuber with a substantial following, please contact us to learn more at

Can I only use PS products?

No, as long as you continue to use and promote our products, we don't mind if you post with any competitive sauce or rub companies.

Will you donate to my event or giveaway?

Yes! Just let us know the date and needs of your event or giveaway and we're happy to support.

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