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#PSAmbassador Team

Meet our team of chefs, foodies, sausage makers, pitmasters, and cooking enthusiasts. Follow them to see the creative ways they use PS products and get tips and recipes ideas. 

Paul Barber


Chris Schemm


Katie Wiley


Vinnie Larkin


Misty Banchero


Blake Sykora


Ryan Kelchner


Travis Griffith


Jeremiah Doughty


Tyler Foti


Eric Stuart


Jon & Aften Turner


Richard Hagen


Steve Yablonicky


Anthony White


Terryn Acker


Paul Jimenez


Ron Dimpflmaier


Ben Adams


Matt Galasso


Nick Kelly


Brian Arsenault


Chad Amburn


Michael Olivera


Jeremy Platt


Become an Ambassador

We're on the hunt for pitmasters, home cooks, chefs and more who want to cook up some awesome content with us. Think you've got the chops? 


Jared Dabling


Brian Mcklindon


Garret & Brandon McGregor


Liz Schlaefer


Isreal Wofford


Chris Bentley


Bo Schumacher


Aaron Biggs


Jameel Ziadie


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