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Party Ribs

Let our Party Ribs be the life of the party! Made with St. Louis Style ribs, Bee Sting Hot Honey Rub and topped with ...

Bacon Roses

Did you forget to get that special someone flowers? Have no fear, we got you covered with this quick and easy recipe ...

Peach and Goat Cheese Flatbread

Indulge in a slice of paradise with our delectable Peach and Goat Cheese Flatbread! Taste the perfect balance of swee...

Hot Honey Peach MoinkBalls

Not your average meatballs, that's for sure! Check out these hot honey peach moink balls! You won't be able to have j...

Hot Honey Peach Glazed Salmon

Indulge in a burst of flavor with our Hot Honey Peach Glazed Salmon. The perfect combination of heat and sweetness th...

Hot Honey Lemon Kebabs

Fresh kebabs just in time for summer grilling season. Grab and go for the ultimate flavor party.

Blue Ribbon Armadillo Eggs

Get ready to roll with this armadillo eggs recipe - the perfect blend of heat, sweet and savory flavors! Made with a ...

Bacon Cracker Bites

You won't be able to just have one of these cracker bites topped with our hot honey rub bacon and jalapeno slices!

Upside-Down Pulled Pork Pastry

We had to try this viral trend to see what all the hype was! We can officially say they are well worth making! Pulled...

Watermelon Paloma

The drink of the summer is here! This refreshing drink with a bit of sting and sweetness of watermelon.

Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Levain Cookies

Cookies and bbq, ummm yes please. These gooey chocolate chip cookies are made with our Bee Sting Hot Honey candied ba...

Peach Jalapeno Baked Beans

Kick the normal baked beans at a barbeque up a notch or two. Loaded with hot honey bbq rub, bourbon peach bbq sauce, ...


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