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16 Winning Game Day Recipes

16 Winning Game Day Recipes

Just because we can't go to the game doesn't mean we can't tailgate and cook up some winning food. Whether you're cooking for a crowd or your home team, these 16 homegating recipes are sure to score big with your fans. 


Honey Mustard Soft Pretzels

The only way a warm and buttery homemade soft pretzel gets any better is when it gets a dusting of sweet and tangy honey mustard. These Jackpot-infused pretzels are pillowy soft twists of gold.


Honey Ale Chicken Lollipops 

The ultimate handheld meat treat, these Chicken Lollipops are the perfect appetizer for your next game day. In this version, we trimmed the drumsticks then dipped them in our sweet and savory Cock-a-Doodle Brew Beer Can Chicken rub, filled with sweet honey granules, beer, and herbs. The lollipops are grilled until crisp and golden.


Smoked Chuck Roast Sandwiches

If you’re looking for melt-in-your-mouth beefy flavor, these Smoked & Braised Chuck Roast Sandwiches will definitely hit the spot. Marinated chuck roast is slow smoked then braised with onions and our smoky Hickory Peppercorn sauce until fall-apart tender. Stack it high on a hoagie and enjoy as is, no cheese or toppings necessary.


Spicy Honey Chipotle Meatballs

Smoky, spicy and sweet chicken meatballs tossed in our Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce. These little morsels are the perfect app for game day or any day.


Homemade Beef Chili Dogs

The only thing that can make a snappy beef hot dog on a toasted bun better is a thick layer of savory bacon-laden chili, topped with melty cheddar and red onions. Go the extra mile and whip up a batch of these Homemade All-Beef Dogs. 


Honey Dipper Fried Wings

Crunchy fried chicken wings dunked in a sweet honey mustard sauce is the finger lickin' good app you've been waiting for. These restaurant-style wings are dredged in flour then lightly fried until the skin is crisp and golden. Dunk them or toss them in our tangy Honey Dipper sauce for an easy flavor boost. 


Blue Ribbon Hot Dog Burnt Ends

So you know about Pork Belly Burnt Ends and Brisket Burnt Ends, but how 'bout Hot Dog Burnt Ends? A fancy word for smoked cocktail wienies, these delicious little morsels are coated in our Blue Ribbon Kansas City BBQ Sauce, brown sugar and butter then caramelized on the grill.

Grate State Cheese Curds

If you haven't had a fried cheese curd, well, you just haven't lived. A Wisconsin specialty, we take these fresh squeaky curds (unaged cheese) dunk them in a thick cheesy beer batter then fry them up until crisp and golden on the outside and gooey, melty, cheesy on the inside. Sprinkle them with an extra dose of cheese with our Grate State gouda and chive blend.




Desert Pepper Poppers 

Add an extra kick to your next batch of Jalapeño Poppers with a little help from our Desert Pepper Tequila Blend. Filled with cream cheese, cilantro, lime, cheddar jack cheese, and our tequila-infused jalapeno seasoning, the poppers are wrapped and bacon and grilled until crispy, golden and melty.


Buffalo Turkey Nachos 

Level up your nacho game with these epic Buffalo Turkey Nachos. A great way to use up any leftover turkey or chicken, these start with a layer of tortilla chips are stacked high with cheese, jalapenos, tomatillos and spicy buffalo turkey.

Bourbon Barrel Burgers

A homemade cheeseburger with melted cheddar jack cheese, bacon, our Bourbon Barrel Whiskey BBQ sauce, and a tall stack or homemade haystack onion rings. This recipe starts with thinly sliced onion rings, dipped in a buttermilk batter and fried until crispy and golden. The burger is a boost from hickory and maple, then seared and topped with gooey cheddar jack cheese. Top it all off with BBQ sauce and bacon (and a side of bourbon) and you'll definitely be in good spirits.

Red Rooster Wings

Sweet Chili Wings 

Dominate game day or wing night with these easy and flavorful sweet chili grilled wings. Basted in our tangy, sticky Red Rooster Sweet Chili sauce will have you crowing after every bite. 


Grate State Mozzarella Sticks

If you like shortcuts, you'll love these wonton-wrapped mozzarella sticks. The easiest way to make homemade mozzarella sticks, the string cheese is rolled in Grate State then wrapped tightly in a wonton wrapper and baked until crisp, golden and melty. Serve with a fresh and tangy chive chimichurri or your favorite marinara. 

Loaded Brisket Potato Skins

Lucky enough to have leftover brisket? Put it to good use with these loaded brisket potato skins. Tender potatoes are loaded up with smoky chopped brisket, a hickory maple butter, loads of gooey cheese, sour cream and BBQ sauce. 


Italian Meatball Subs

Ciao down on these hearty and delicious Italian Meatball Subs. These start with tender homemade meatballs made our Good Fella Italian Herb Blend which are simmered in marinara, topped with provolone cheese and broiled until melty and crispy.

Notorious Pork Belly Burnt Ends 

The ultimate meat candy, smoked pork belly burnt ends are tender nuggets bursting with flavor and easy to make. Toss them in our bold and spicy Notorious P.I.G. rub, smoke 'em low and slow, then top 'em off with a sweet and sticky barbecue sauce.


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