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Buried Treasure Crown Roast

The perfect dinner for your next holiday party! Check out this Crown Roast recipe with our Buried Treasure seasoning!...

Cheesy Pork Rind Potatoes

You can't have a holiday dish without having cheesy potatoes! Check out these Buried Treasure Cheese Pork Rind Potatoes!

Buried Treasure Stuffed Mushrooms

The holidays are here and it's time to enjoy all your favorite holiday treats! Stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appe...

Smoked Beef Stroganoff

A dinner fan favorite for sure! Smoked beef stroganoff with our limited addition Buried Treasure Truffle seasoning ad...

Wellington Burger

A fan favorite, made hand held! Enjoy this amazing Beef Wellington Burger.

TikTok Scored Parmesan Potatoes

These viral TikTok potatoes are not only so easy to make, but taste so crisp and cheesy! You won't want to miss these.

Poor Man's Beef Tartare

Known in our parts as tiger meat, this well known appetizer in Europe and the US normally made with steak is now affo...

Breakfast Bake

Gather the family around for some good old fashioned caroling! Oh breakfast bake, oh breakfast bake, how scrumptious ...

Smoked Tri Tip Recipe - Smoked Truffle Tri Tip with Truffle Butter

X marks the spot but you won’t need a map for the treasure-filled bite. PS Seasoning cooked up a special smoked tri t...

Prime Time Wagyu Burger

The best of the best! This Prime Time Wagyu Burger a top notch treat right off your grill. Pile on the toppings and o...

Ultimate Tailgater Burger

A tailgater burger, for tailgating. This is the Ultimate Tailgater Burger and it is a must eat! It will be a big bite...

Twice Baked Loaded Potato Slides

You know it has to be good when it’s cooked twice. These loaded potato slides topped with a creamy broccoli, bacon an...


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