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Kick-off Football Season with Our Snack Playbook

Kick-off Football Season with Our Snack Playbook

We all know that football season = snack season. Whether you're tailgating at the game or on your couch, it's the perfect excuse for indulging in some hearty, cheesy, gooey apps. 

Dip, scoop and chow down on 12 of our best bites before kick off!


 1. Grande Nachos

To be or not to be eating nachos?! Nacho problem when there is a platter of our Grande Nachos smothered in cheese sauce and topped with all the fixings right in front of you. Load up that chip for grande bite.  


2. Hot Chicken & Waffle Sliders

Making these mobile. The classic chicken and waffles is now available for hand-held consumption. Fried Hot chicken thighs between a homemade waffle bun make these sliders down right fun to eat. Double down on the Honky Tonk heat and don’t forget a drizzle of that sweet honey before your first bite! 



3. Hatch Chili Poppers

Keep your wallets close and your plates closer. It’s payday ya all! These creamy bacon wrapped hatch chili poppers will go as fast as your money does by the end of the month. Eat up and eat fast!  


4. Pickleback Wings

Line 'em up, these Pickleback Wings are here for the party. Inspired by the famous shot-chase combo of whiskey and pickle juice, these chicken wings are briney, sweet and dill-icous. Perfect for game day eating. 


 5. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Burnt Ends

Grab your peaches and invite your friends! These Smoky Chicken chunks are wrapped in, oh yea... the thick cut bacon, in a pan of saucy Peach Buzz Burnt ends!   Life is getting peachy up in here!


6. Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings

It is time for an upgrade! If you love onion rings, chances are you also love bacon or should we say, “who doesn’t love bacon”! Take your onion ring, wrap that baby in bacon, cover it in P.I.G. and smoke it up. Only thing left to do is take a bite! 


 7. Loaded Cheeseburger Fries 

We are making everyday a good day to tailgate with these Tailgater Loaded Cheeseburger Fries. Take lightly browned crispy french fries covered in cheese sauce and you could call it a meal but we aren’t stopping there. Load it up with chunked up burger patties, crispy bacon bits, sliced crunchy pickles, juicy tomatoes and diced onions.  You will hardly notice this cheeseburger is missing a bun 


8.Cherry Bomb Pig Shots

Line these babies up! These Cherry Bomb (Pig Shots) are bits of smoky sausage wrapped as a bacon shot glass and filled to the brim Cherry Bomb cream cheese. Just for fun, double fist it. 

9. Hasselback Summer Sausage

Taking your sausage game to a "knock your socks off" level! This Bourbon Barrel Hasselback Summer Sausage is partially sliced and stuffed with cheese, baked and topped with bourbon sauce. A fun way to do sausage that will become a quick party favorite! 


10. Hatch Chili White Chicken Queso

Let us get your zesty party started! Our Hatch Chili White Chicken Queso is loaded with confetti colored peppers, meaty shredded chicken, spicy hatch chili and lots of gooey cheese! Gather all your friends and get those chips dipping!


11. Smoked Chex Party Mix

Warning: this Smoked Chex Party Mix is extremely addicting. And we didn't just stop at Chex, this mix is loaded up with cheez-its, peanuts, and pretzel sticks. Toss them in melted butter and your favorite seasoning (we chose our adobo honey) for the ultimate party treat. 

12. White Castle Copycat Sliders

Here is our take on these popular square-shaped one-bites. This popular burger chain paired with our popular Backyard Better Burger seasoning is notching its way up with a fully loaded flavor punch! These sliders are small but mighty tasty and perfect for a crowd. 

And for Happy Hour


Nashville Hot Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary! This Hot Bloody Mary is garnished with a full chicken wing, a crunchy hot pickle and cheese curds! Sippin’ with the best! 

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