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Smoked & Air-Fried Chicken Wings

Smoked Air-Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe

If you've ever wondered how to make the best air fried chicken wings, you're in for a treat. The secret perfectly crispy air fryer wings is here!

Check out our air fryer wings recipe for some killer smoked wings that will leave you salivating! Tossed in our Hot Chicken Rub, these smoked then air fried wings have that perfectly crisp skin, full of smoky flavor without being overcooked.

Drizzle these air fried chicken wings in Nashville hot sauce for an extra kick. Air frying chicken wings has never been this delicious. You can even give this recipe a twist with a dry wing rub instead.

Ready for this banger recipe? Read on and start frying away! 

smoked air fryer chicken wings dipped in bbq sauce

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    • At what temp do you smoke them?


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