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The 13 BEST Venison Recipes

The 13 BEST Venison Recipes

Whether you're divvying up your fresh harvest or using up meat from that fully stocked freezer, we've rounded up our favorite venison recipes for after the hunt.

Venison is a healthy, high protein and low fat meat that lends itself well to almost any application. Swap in venison for your favorite lean beef recipes like kabobs, chili, stir fries and more for an easy and lean version. If you're looking for a more hands-on project, venison is the perfect addition to sausage like snack sticks, brats, and summer sausage when blended with pork or beef. So how should you cook venison? Here are our best venison recipes:

bacon wrapped ground venison shells

1. Bacon-Wrapped Venison Buckshots

With a full shot of flavor, these Bacon Wrapped Venison Buckshots are the perfect way to change up your venison game with an original venison recipe. Ground venison is loaded into a pasta shell casing with cheese, then wrapped in bacon and glazed in BBQ Sauce. This ground venison recipe is a bullseye for sure!

2. Venison Kebabs

Not only are kebabs colorful and easy to make, they also great with hunks of venison for a super tasty skewer. They also make for a super easy venison recipe!

3. Country Fried Venison Fingers

Taking it down-home-country! Country Fried Venison Fingers add a nice comforting deep fried layer to your next bite! Check out this super easy venison recipe.


4. Venison Poutine

You like fries? You like cheese? Well, this venison poutine recipe will not disappoint. With deep fried cheese curds and crispy warm fries that compliment grilled strips of venison there is no doubt that this will fully satisfy any craving.


5. Venison Short Ribs

Venison often gets a bad wrap for it's potential to be dry, but a secret ingredient in this recipe helps retain moisture in these Smoked Venison Short Ribs. Venison short ribs may be smaller than your traditional rib, but what they lack in size they make up for in flavor.


6. Grilled Venison Loin

Keepin' it tender with this medium-rare venison tenderloin seasoned with our On the Rocks bourbon pepper grinder. Want to try how delicious this venison recipe can get?


7. Venison Snack Sticks

Snack sticks, beef sticks, slim jims, whatever you want to call them, these on-the-go meat treats are a staple in sausage making. Learn how to make the perfect Honey BBQ Venison Snack Stick.

8. Venison Chili

Chili is always a safe bet. This ground venison recipe not only gives a twist to your regular chili, it is also easy to make with this Ten-Point Venison Chili Mix. Add all your favorite goods plus your meat and ta-da! Venison Chili is served!


9. Smoked Venison Sausage

Make the most of your harvest with these easy and delicious Homemade Smoked Deer Sausages. Whether you're processing your own deer or getting it from your local butcher or meat market, homemade venison sausage is easy to make and one of our favorite ways to enjoy deer meat.


10. Breakfast Hash

This is a breakfast of champion, hunters! Venison breakfast hash is the ideal way to start out a day and fill your belly before the hunt kicks off! Plus, it's the ideal ground deer recipe: easy to make, filling and full of flavor!


11. Venison Stir Fry

Shaking it up, Asian style with this Venison Stir fry. Choose your favorite Asian flavors and add rice! 

photo: @hunttoeat


12. Venison Sausage

This one is a no brainer. Have venison, make sausage! Smoke it up and enjoy your reward!

photo: @meat.treats


13. Venison Jerky

Snacking made easy. Whip up a batch of venison jerky with our Variety Kit. Everything you need except the meat. Does it get any better?!


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