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Beyond the Blend: No. 0015 King Shallot

Beyond the Blend: No. 0015 King Shallot

One Seasoning to Rule Them All

One taste of this blend and we knew we had something good. So delicious you could eat it straight from the jar, this rich and savory blend is so royally tasty and versatile, we had to declare it the king of seasonings. 

King Shallot Black Garlic blend is an all-purpose seasoning that’s good on steaks, burgers, potatoes, pasta, homemade salad dressings and more. The unique flavors of black garlic and shallots combine to make a rich flavor that isn't too pungent and won't overpower other ingredients in your dishes. 


Flavor Profile 

Whether you're searing scallops or just tossing burgers on the grill, King Shallot adds elevated flavor to anything you put it on. With a salty-sweet base enhanced with mustard, this crown jewel gets its depth from a blend of unique flavors: 

Shallot: Somewhere between garlic and onions lies the shallot. It has a milder flavor than onions, and has a sweeter flavor when cooked. This blend gets its beautiful purplish color from real flakes of shallot that add both sweetness and richness to sauces, meats and more. 

Butter: For added richness, we added natural butter flavoring to balance out the savory onion and garlic. 

Black Garlic: Black garlic is simply garlic that has been fermented until black and stick. Used primarily in Asian cuisine, it has a soft molasses-like flavor and is far less pungent than a raw bulb. In this blend, it adds an umami tangy-salty-sweet flavor.

Tarragon: In French cuisine, you'll commonly find tarragon paired with shallot. This herb has hints of vanilla, licorice, mint, and pepper. While it's the last ingredient in the blend, the freshness of the herb adds brightness. 



For most applications, shake seasoning directly on veggies, meats or swirl into sauces or dips. When sampling this in our test kitchen, we found this seasoning blend amazing when mixed into beef burgers and sprinkled on steaks right before searing.

Steak Tenderloin with Red Wine & Shallot Sauce:

Hazelnut & Blue Cheese Hasselback Potatoes: Baked potatoes get a festive upgrade when sliced and stuffed with crunchy hazelnuts and cheese. 

Seared Scallops with Black Garlic Cream Sauce: 

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