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Dried Beef/Venison

Suggested Cure/Brine Ingredients                     

(Prepare as much as needed to pump & submerge meat).                                               

1 Lb. Maple Cure
1 Gallon Distilled Water                                                              

Brine/Cure Instructions:

1) Prepare brine/cure in a brining pail or meat poly lug.
2) Meat should be completely free of fat.
3) Meat and brine/cure should be chilled as cold as possible (38 - 40°F).
4) Pump pieces with brine/cure to 10% of the weight of the meat. (Be careful not to over pump).
5) Place meat in brine/cure and put weighted cover over product to hold it submerged.

Leave in brine/cure per the following suggestions:

1 - 2 Lb. Pieces Cure 1 ½ - 2 Days
2 - 4 Lb. Pieces Cure 2 - 3 Days
6 - 8 Lb. Pieces Cure 7 - 8 Days

Smoking Instructions:

1) After curing, remove meat and soak in tap water for 4 hours changing water every hour.
2) Remove meat from soak, allow it to drain and then put into stockinettes. Put stockinettes into smoker/oven.
3) Dry at 105°F for 3 hours, dampers open, no humidity.
4) Smoke at 130°F for 6 hours, dampers halfway open, no humidity.
5) Dry at 170°F until product reaches an internal temp of 155°F, dampers open, no humidity.
6) Take out of smoker/oven and take pieces out of stockinettes. Put pieces into a meat poly lug and cover with freezer paper; let stand in refrigerator for 3 - 4 days.
7) After the 3 to 4 days, check product.  If it is not done to your liking, put back in smoker/oven and rerun program till done to your liking.

8) Take out next day and slice per your discretion.

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