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Fresh Bratwurst Recipe

Fresh Bratwurst Recipe


Ingredients For 25 Lb. Meat Batch
1 Package - B Unit No. 275 Blue Ribbon Fresh Bratwurst Seasoning
25 Lbs.  85% Lean Pork Trims
2-3 Cups Distilled Water
1 Package/Bundle 32-35 MM hog casings

Suggested Instructions:

1) Grind pork trims through ⅛" plate.
2) Add water and brat seasoning, mix for 3-5 minutes until meat becomes tacky.
3) Stuff into 32-35 MM hog casings.

4) Store and refrigerate overnight before grilling. Chicken sausages can also be packaged in freezer paper or sealed in vacuum bags for storage in freezer.

Tips: If you stuff into 4 x 20" fibrous casings, freeze and then slice into patties. You can also make into bulk packages.

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