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Recipe - Make Your Own Brine Home Smoked Ham

Recipe - Make Your Own Brine Home Smoked Ham

Ingredients - 25 Lbs. 

3 Lbs.  Pickling Salt                                                                                                
3 ½ (3.5) Gallons Water (38-40°F)
10 oz. (1 ¼ Cup) Pink Speed Cure
10 oz. (1 ¼ Cup) Sugar
2 (12 ½ Lbs. Ea.) Fresh Hams


1) Mix all ingredients and dissolve well in water.
2) Keep hams and brine at 38-40°F.
3) Ham is then pumped with 10% of weight of the ham with dissolved pickle mixture. With a pumping needle; pump both hams with this brine making sure to get around all bones and at the shank in the ham.
4) Hams are now placed in a pickle container and covered with the pickle mixture, be sure the hams are submerged beneath the pickle brine.
5) Put container with ham in room or refrigerator at 38-40°F for 5-7 days.

6) After 5-7 days, remove from brine and wash surface of ham with stiff brush, do not soak ham, and then place in stockinettes.

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