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12 Must-Try Fourth of July Recipes

12 Must-Try Fourth of July Recipes

Food Just as Dazzling as Fireworks

The 4th of July is the ultimate summer celebration. Not only do we celebrate America’s independence, we spend time with family and friends around a good 4th of July BBQ. But what should you make for the celebration? If you need 4th of July food ideas, we have you covered with a 4th of July menu your guest will love.


Get the party started right with these tasty 4th of July appetizers.

fourth of july appetizer bacon dip recipe

Bacon Bomb Dip

We turned one of our favorite seasonings into a delicious dip. Simply mix sour cream with Bacon Bomb seasoning and add some chopped chives. Let it cool in the fridge and serve with your choice of kettle chips when you’re ready to serve.

fourth of july parmesan crisps recipe

Parmesan Pickle Crisps

It's a celebration! Skip the bagged chips. Serve tangy Parmesan Pickle Crisps with your homemade dip. Covered in shredded parmesan and bacon, and loaded with seasoning, these crispy pickles are packed with flavor and will be amazing 4th of July appetizers.

fourth of july pork belly on a stick recipe

Pork Belly on a Stick

For all you meat lovers, this appetizer will satisfy your craving. Cut pork belly pieces are skewered and seasoned generously with Blue Ribbon BBQ rub and sauce. These smoked pork belly skewers are the perfect 4th of July food.

Main Dishes

Got a taste for traditional 4th of July foods? Want to impress your pickiest eaters with some traditional 4th of July foods? Stay tuned for more food ideas.

Our main dishes are designed to delight.

Pulled pork shoulder slow cooked by PS Seasoning chef

Low and Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder

Bring out the smoker, select your favorite cut of pork, and get ready for a mouthful of flavor. Follow our how-to recipe to make this decadent main course for your 4th of July BBQ.

Delicious burger recipe for the fourth of july

An Explosive 4th of July Burger

Wow your partygoers with a twist on traditional 4th of July food. The Cherry Bomb Burger combines blue cheese, ground beef, bacon, and jalapeños with the spicy-sweet explosion of our Cherry Bomb BBQ sauce.

fourth of july chicken drumstick bbq recipe

Bangin’ Fourth of July BBQ Drumsticks

Looking for a poultry option? Add Butterflied Grilled Drumsticks to your 4th of July menu. Seasoned to perfection and grilled just right, these drumsticks are finger-lickin' good.

Side Dishes

Whip up one of these mouthwatering recipes and taste the difference a delicious 4th of July side dish can make.

Corn on the cob seasoned with cambodian spices by PS Seasoning

Corn on the Cob

Nothing says summer quite like corn on the cob. Grill it or boil. No matter how you make it, we’ve got 10 seasoning ideas to enhance your corn. You can even mix and match for a personalized side dish for everyone to enjoy. No more boring corn for your 4th of July BBQ! 

Street corn salad for the 4th of July seasoned with PS seasoning products

Grilled Street Corn Salad

Have a few extra cobs to work with? Why not turn them into a salad? Our Grilled Street Corn Salad has just the right kick and sweetness to go with any main dish.

The crunch of grilled corn with the creaminess of cotija cheese is simply perfection.

fourth of july german potato salad recipe

German Spud Salad

Here’s another salads for the 4th of July that bucks tradition. This German Spud Salad is loaded with potato, bacon, and onion, and lathered in ale mustard for a tangy and absolutely delicious side. This dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

fourth of july side recipe cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower Fritters

These fritters are pan-fried to golden perfection. All you need is cauliflower, flour, eggs, garlic, scallions, and Chop Shop seasoning. In just 15 minutes, you have crispy cauliflower fritters to add some crunch to everyone’s plate.


Watch the fireworks as you devour these rich and flavorful desserts. We’ve got something for every sweet tooth.

Apple Pie Smoked Cream Cheese

We’ve taken a classic 4th of July menu item and deconstructed it. Keep the smoker on after dinner with our Apple Pie Smoked Cream Cheese. Don’t worry, all the sweetness of apple pie is still there. Top it off with some fresh fruit or another dippable dessert for a delightful end to the night.

fourth of july dessert recipe ideas - air fryer beignets

Air Fryer Beignets

If you’ve got an air fryer, you simply must try these light and fluffy Air Fryer Beignets. Make your dough then pop them in the air fryer. Top them off with powdered sugar and Apple Pie Cinnamon Spice seasoning rub for an easy-to-make sweet treat.

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With our recipes, you can make this 4th of July one to remember. Whether you opt for traditional food or try your hand at making something new, your Independence Day feast is sure to dazzle. Find your favorite recipes, seasonings, mixes, and more at PS Seasoning.

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