Top 10 Seasonings For Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is a classic summer side dish. Whether on the grill or in the kitchen, nothing is better than watching melted butter sink into the cracks of those plump golden kernels while you sprinkle every inch with your favorite seasoning. Toss the salt shaker and add some pizzazz to this favored veggie with one of our top 10 seasonings that are perfect for corn on the cob.

Jalapeno Bacon Shake Seasoning

Give your corn on the cob some bite! Our Jalapeno Bacon Shake combines the intense zing of jalapeno with the natural smoke essence of bacon for a spicy, smoky flavor. 

Parmesan & Garlic French Fry Seasoning

Don't let the name fool you. This delicious blend is not just for french fries. The flavors of Parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs combine for a wonderfully savory flavor that works great for corn and other veggies too!

Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

Created for popcorn, but excellent for all corn! This creamy and tangy popcorn seasoning is a fantastic flavor for plump juicy corn kernels.



Cajun Seasoning Shake

Add a Cajun kick with this heated blend of chili pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and pungent spices.

Chipotle Lime Seasoning Shake

Add some zing to your corn with this combination of spicy, tangy, smokey and citrus flavors all in one. Reach an enticing level of flavor with this blend.

Veggie Shake Seasoning

Obviously Veggie Shake was created for veggies, but it's far from being ordinary in taste. This is one hearty mix of salt, garlic, onion, savory herbs and spices. 

Sweet Pecan Seasoning Rub

This is a seasoning blend you can get truly creative with. It's delightful balance of subtle sweetness with hints of butter, garlic and savory herbs that will harmonize with sweet corn kernels.

Memphis BBQ Rub

This Rub is a blend of brown sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, spices and natural hickory smoke flavor. Add unbeatable BBQ flavor to your corn!

Smokehouse Seasoning Rub

Smokehouse taste isn't just for meats. This slightly sweet combination of bold hickory smoke flavor, sea salt and brown sugar will bring smokehouse flavor to your corn on the cob.

Savory Herb Seasoning Rub

This wholesome blend of sea salt, onion, caraway seed, parsley and whole herbs will add an ultimately satisfying taste to corn on the cob.

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