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Top 10 Brat Seasonings To Try Any Time Of The Year

Top 10 Brat Seasonings To Try Any Time Of The Year

We find that any season is appropriate for barbecuing!  This means grilled sausages, brats, steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs all year round!

Being natives to Wisconsin, brats reign high and are popular for any meal of the day, yes even for breakfast!

From classic to fusion flavors we have a bratwurst seasoning that will impress!  We guarantee folks will be asking for seconds and also for the recipe! 

Below we have shared our Top 10 Brat Seasonings that are a must try any time of the year!  PS Seasoning blends are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients giving you a consistent delicious high-quality product.

No. 358 Pineapple Teriyaki Brat

Our Pineapple Teriyaki Bratwurst Seasoning is one sensational flavor! We infused the taste of soy sauce, garlic, onion and spices with the sweet, tangy bite of pineapple for a taste that goes above and beyond.

No. 356 Cubano Brat

Our Cubano Bratwurst Seasoning is inspired by Cuban flavors including onion, garlic and is bursting with citrus. It surely will be a new favorite!

No. 290 Philly Cheese Steak Brat

We brought you the taste of Philly in our Philly Cheese Bratwurst Seasoning.
Get the total Philly Cheese steak experience in a brat. Don't forget to add

No. 272 Onion & Garlic Brat

Our Onion & Garlic Bratwurst Seasoning is one of our most popular blends. Traditional tangy bratwurst flavor seasoned with the bold taste of garlic and onion. Try adding High Temp Cheddar Cheese!

No. 275 Blue Ribbon Brat

Our Blue Ribbon Bratwurst Seasoning is a favorite for making fresh sausage using pork, beef and even chicken. Try our award winning blend of tangy spices. Add High Temp Pepper Jack Cheese to take your brat to the next level.

No. 278 Jalapeno Brat

Our Jalapeno Bratwurst Seasoning combines classic bratwurst taste with the heat of spicy jalapeños. Try adding High Temp Cheddar Cheese to make a Jalapeno Cheddar Brat.

No. 678 Sassy Honey BBQ Brat

Our popular Sassy Honey BBQ Bratwurst Seasoning blends sweet honey, rich molasses, brown sugar, natural smoke flavor and spices for a zesty sweet BBQ taste. Give it an extra snap with our Natural Home Pack Hog Casings.

No. 282 Honey Mustard Brat

Honey Mustard Bratwurst Seasoning is a blend of spices and rich honey mustard flavor for making pork, beef or chicken style brats. Sure to melt in your mouth. Give it an extra snap with our Natural Home Pack Hog Casings. 


No. 284 Mushroom Brat

This seasoning has a delightful earthy flavor that is perfect with High Temp Swiss Cheese for making delicious Mushroom & Swiss Brats.


No. 680 Bacon Cheeseburger Brat

The taste of smokey bacon and creamy cheese all rolled into our Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst Seasoning. Great bacon cheeseburger flavor made for a brat bun! Try adding High Temp Cheddar Cheese and smoked bacon to the brat!

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