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Our Favorite Chicken Wing Recipes

Our Favorite Chicken Wing Recipes

We won't deny that a dive bar basket full of wings can hit the spot sometimes. But you can get the same crispy, crunchy, saucy, mouthwatering wings at home and then some. 

We're rounding up our top 10 classic and unique chicken wing recipes that'll make your next round of wings soar. 

1. Pull-Apart Wing Dip 

This wing dip checks all the boxes: Blue Cheese, Carrots, Celery, and Hot Wings. A creamy blue cheese dip is topped with hot wings for a show-stopper spread your buddies will rave over. 


2. Chip-Crusted Wings 

The ultimate chicken wing for the ultimate snack lover. Add a crunchy coating of your favorite crushed chips after a generous dunk in sauce. Here are our 3 favorites. 


3. Watermelon Wings

Straight off the vine. These wings are sweet, glossy, and subtly savory from ginger, our Bee Sting rub, and a squeeze of lime. 


4. Street Corn Wings

Is there anything that doesn't taste better with street corn seasoning? These grilled wings are dunked in a creamy Elote sauce, then tossed in cotija cheese, cilantro and lime. 


5. Smoked & Air Fried Chicken Wings 

The dilemma: smoking chicken wings at a low temp can result in soggy skin. The solution: air frying or deep frying after smoking for the perfect crispy exterior. 


6. Thai Curry Wings

They're sweet, they're spicy, they're exotic. These curry-rubbed wings are grilled then tossed in our sweet and tangy Sweet Chili Sauce. 


7. Bourbon-Glazed Wings

The best kinds of food involve bourbon. These sweet, sticky and boozy wings are no exception. 


8. Beer Can Chicken Drumsticks

Ok, so they're not wings. But our Beer Can Chicken Rub on any kind of chicken is 100% gold. 


 9. Fried Honey Mustard Wings

Crunchy fried chicken wings dunked in a sweet honey mustard sauce is the finger lickin' good app you've been waiting for.


10. Grilled Honey Ale Wings with Truffle Mustard

Sweet, savory and smoky this grilled wings are perfect for any occasion. Serve them with a side of tangy Truffle Mustard Dip. 

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