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Beyond the Blend: No. 307 On the Rocks

Beyond the Blend: No. 307 On the Rocks

Make it a Double.

Call us old-fashioned, but here in Wisconsin, there isn't anything better than a good blend of orange, cherry, bourbon, sugar and seltzer. As the official cocktail of our great state, we bottled up a sweet and savory version that will elevate anything you put it on. 

This top-shelf blend is filled with coarse pieces of sea salt, orange peel, garlic, onion, as well as peppercorns, blood orange and bourbon for a sweet and smoky finish.  Available in our adjustable grinder caps, get maximum freshness while controlling the grain for different applications. We like this blend on chicken and seafood, but it can pair with beef and pork as well. A few of our favorite uses are: 

  • Pork Chops
  • Salmon
  • Venison Backstrap
  • Smoked Ham
  • Cocktail Rimmer 

"Unbelievable!!!!! Truly a unique and fantastic spice" - Douglas C. 

Flavor Profile

Sweet and peppery, No. 307 has a base of coarse sea salt, onion and garlic with sugar to enhance the flavors of citrus and bourbon. When coarse ground, this blend has visible flecks of red pepper for a mild kick. 

Orange Peel: The outer peel of the orange, or zest, holds the highest amount of essential oils and flavor. Sweeter and less tart than lemon peel, coarse orange peel brings a bright, citrus flavor to this blend.

Black, White & Pink Peppercorns: Not all peppercorns are created equal, which is why we included 3 varieties in this blend. Harvested from green pepper fruit, black peppercorns have been boiled and dried in the sun while white pepper is made by removing the skins from black peppercorns, creating a more delicate flavor. Although not technically a peppercorn, the pink peppery cousins have a significantly lighter and more delicate flavor profile. 

Blood Orange: The blood orange is a variety of orange with a deep crimson, almost-blood-colored flesh. Blood oranges, in addition to the usual citrus notes, have a subtle raspberry-like flavor that adds a fruity sweetness to the blend. 

Bourbon:  While we may enjoy our old-fashioneds with Brandy, the addition of bourbon in this blend intensifies flavors and imparts its own notes of vanilla, nut, oak and smoke.



No. 307's sweet and savory flavors make it a great seasoning for any kind of meat, fish or seafood. Grind coarse flakes of sea salt and pepper on a thick porterhouse steak or switch to fine grind on a delicate pieces of whitefish. 

Orange Bourbon Glazed Shrimp

Add some old-fashioned flavor to your shrimp with our On the Rocks blend of bloody orange, bourbon and cracked pepper. 

Bourbon Pepper T-Bone 

What's better than a thick, juicy T-Bone steak? A thick, juicy T-Bone steak coated in a crunchy crust of Bourbon, blood orange and pepper. Our On the Rocks blend adds the perfect about of bite, salt and sweetness to your favorite cut of steak. 

Pan-Seared Halibut

Impress your friends and family with this restaurant-style Pan-Seared Halibut. With its bright, fresh flavors and elegant presentation, this tender whitefish is seasoned with our sweet and savory On the Rocks Bourbon Pepper, then seared on the grill while basting in butter. The flaky halibut is topped in a bourbon orange glaze for an extra shot of flavor.

Grilled Venison Loin

Get a little wild and change up your venison seasoning game. Our On the Rocks Bourbon Pepper has notes of blood orange, aged bourbon, pepper and spices that will add top-shelf flavor worthy of your favorite cut of meat. 

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