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smoked kielbasa - Polish sausage recipe

Polish Sausage Recipe - Smoked Kielbasa

If your grandpa didn't pass down his Polish sausage recipe, this is the next best thing!

What is Kielbasa?

Traditionally made from a mixture of pork and beef, Polish kielbasa is a smoked polish sausage distinguished by the heavy flavors of garlic and marjoram.

Our Smoked Polish Kit has everything you need to recreate that classic smoked Kielbasa flavor, including our award-winning No. 379 Smoked Polish Seasoning, Maple Cure and Hog Casings for 25 lbs of meat. Smacznego!

Even with all the Polish Kielbasa recipes around, you can trust that this one will hit the closest to home. With just the right balance of sausage seasoning, smoking and charcoal grilling, this Polish sausage will have you asking for more. 

Ready for this tasty Polish sausage recipe? Let's make homemade Kielbasa sausage together. Here's how to cook Polish sausage. 

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  • Just made 12.5 pounds of kielbasa from the kit. For the first time I think that everything came out pretty good. The best is that my wife likes the recipe. I’ll make this kit again!

    Jack Cuff

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