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Beyond the Blend: No. 769 Willie

Beyond the Blend: No. 769 Willie's Snack Stick

Oh Deer. 

A customer favorite, our best selling No. 769 Willie's Snack Stick Seasoning will give you that classic snack stick taste with a kick. With added heat, garlic, spices and mustard, this blend is specifically formulated to pair with venison, but is equally delicious on beef, pork and more. 

"Good all around snack stick flavor especially when paired with encapsulated citric acid and high temp cheddar!"
-Jeff S., customer 

This classic seasoning blend is also the signature flavor in our Original Snack Stick Kit which includes casings and cure for a 25 lb. meat batch. 

Flavor Profile 

No. 769 is a well balanced yet robust blend that offers classic snack stick flavors. For an MSG-free version, try our No. 602 which still has all the flavors you love, including garlic, black pepper and: 

Mustard: A traditional sausage ingredient, mustard adds distinct tanginess to this blend. 

Coriander: The dried seed of the cilantro plant, coriander seeds have a warm, floral flavor with a slight tang from notes of citrus. Coriander is a common ingredient in summer sausage and snack stick seasonings. 

Nutmeg: Nutmeg is an incredibly intense spice with a strong and distinctive aroma. It is nutty and slightly sweet as well as warm to add great depth of flavor. 

Cayenne: The cayenne pepper is a type of red chili pepper that adds a distinct spiciness and color to No. 769.  

Chili Pepper: Chili powder is a red-colored blend of dried and ground chili peppers that provide mild heat and savory notes.  


Our No. 796 blend is great on its own or paired with High-Temp Cheddar Cheese or High-Temp Habanero for an extra kick. 

For homemade snack sticks, we recommend using the 21 mm Mahogany Smoke Collagen casings. Their durability holds up well when hung on smoke sticks during processing and are available in clear and mahogany colors (no taste variation). 

For added tanginess, we recommend adding Encapsulated Citric AcidWhen added to sausage it tends to extend the shelf life and adds a nice tangy flavor. 


While we love it as our classic Snack Stick blend, Willie's can also be used to make delicious savory summer sausage. Each B-unit of seasoning is pre-measured for 25 lbs. of meat. If making a smaller batch, measure out 2 Tbsp + 1¼ tsp of seasoning and 1/8 tsp cure per pound of meat. (If using No. 602 Willie's, use  2 Tbsp + 1½ tsp of seasoning) 

Smoked Beef Sticks: Our classic recipe for making homemade beef sticks. If using wild game, use 20 lbs. of wild game to 5 lbs of pork. 


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