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Smoked Beef Sticks


 Suggested Ingredients  

25 Lb. Meat Batch

25 Lbs. 90% Extra Lean Beef Trims
1 Package - B Unit No. 493 Hot Snack Stick Seasoning
2-3 Cups Distilled Water


1) Grind all meat through ⅜" plate, then regrind through ⅛" plate.
2) Add cure to water, mix into meat.
3) Add seasoning into meat and mix thoroughly approx. 4-6 minutes until meat becomes tacky.

4) Stuff into 22-24 MM or 24-26 MM sheep casings or 21 MM collagen casings.

Smoking Procedure

1) Preheat smoker to 100˚F; drape sausage on sticks - pieces not touching.
2) Insert temperature probe in one stick.
3) Run at 100˚F for 1 hour with the dampers wide open.
4) After an hour, increase temperature to 125˚F; put ¾ pan moistened sawdust on burner and smoke for 5 hours. Close top damper to ⅛ open, bottom damper to ¾ open and increase temperature to 170˚F and close dampers.
5) Cook until internal temperature reaches 150-155˚F.

6) Turn OFF smoker and let cool to 100˚F. Remove to cooler.

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  • When using venison instead of 90% lean beef, what should one mix with venison and what rate to achieve similar fat ratio? Also can one grind meat just once with 3/16 inch grinder plate?

    Kevin Subart

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