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Top 10 Venison Seasonings

Top 10 Venison Seasonings

Deer hunting season is approaching and to help you produce the best tasting venison products, we’re sharing our most popular seasonings and kits that are a perfect match for venison. Here at PS Seasoning we specialize in flavors to meet all processing standards and we pride ourselves on our variety of unique blends. So, stock up on seasonings for your finest venison yet.


1. Deer Camp Wild Game Seasoning

The hunt for the best venison seasoning is over. This robust blend features classic deer seasonings like sugar, garlic and paprika, with added earthiness from fennel and herbs to elevate your venison without overpowering it. This all-purpose seasoning is a great addition to any type of wild game. 

405 Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage

2. No. 405 Blue Ribbon Garlic Summer Sausage Seasoning

This award-winning summer sausage seasoning combines paprika, garlic and a variety of spices for award-winning flavor. A must try! Comes complete with our Maple Cure and is MSG-free. For a cheesy summer sausage, add some of our high-temp cheddar cheese.


391 Jalapeno Summer Sausage

3. No. 391 Jalapeno Summer Sausage Seasoning

If you like summer sausage with some bite, you're going to want to try our jalapeno summer sausage seasoning. A heated blend of red pepper flake, dried jalapeno and various spices to kick up the flavor of your summer sausage. Comes complete with Maple Cure and is MSG-free. For jalapeno cheddar summer sausage, use our high-temp cheddar cheese.


744 Spicy Garlic Summer Sausage

4. No. 744 Spicy Garlic Summer Sausage Seasoning

This is not your typical summer sausage seasoning. In addition to the traditional mustard seed, black pepper and garlic, we added a bold fusion of intense spices for a deep tanginess. Comes complete with our Maple Cure and is MSG-free. This seasoning is great on its own, but for some additional creamy texture, try some high-temp cheese.


493 Hot Stick

5. No. 493 Hot Stick Seasoning

Make zesty venison sticks with this amazingly flavorful hot stick seasoning. This award-winning blend is packed with coriander, garlic, red pepper flake and spices to give just the right level of heat. Comes complete with Maple Cure. Contains no MSG.


685 Honey BBQ Snack Stick

6. No. 685 Honey BBQ Snack Stick Seasoning

If you're looking for a snack stick with the taste of smokey BBQ mingled with sweet honey, then this one is for you! Sweetened with honey and molasses then blended with mild spices for spot-on flavor that makes incredible venison snack sticks. Complete with our Speed Cure. Contains no MSG.


684 Landjaeger Snack Stick Seasoning

7. No. 684 Landjaeger Snack Stick Seasoning

Our Landjaeger or "land hunter" seasoning is inspired by its origins of Germany and Switzerland. A simple, classic blend of seasonings and spices with Old World flavor. Traditionally these snack sticks are loosely stuffed, flattened and then smoked. A deliciously different variation for venison snack sticks. Complete with our Maple Cure. Contains no MSG.


768 Smoked Snack Stick

8. No. 768 BBQ Smoked Snack Stick Seasoning

This mild blend is sweetened with rich molasses and blended with the concentrated flavors of sweet BBQ, spices, garlic, onion and natural smoked flavor. A delightfully smokey, sweet taste that unites perfectly with venison. Complete with our very own Speed Cure


958 Red Barn Bologna Seasoning

9. No. 958 Red Barn Bologna Seasoning

Typically blended with beef and pork, this seasoning also makes for a fantastic venison ring bologna. Simply adjust the recipe using venison in combination with either ground beef or pork; or the trimmings. Make savory, full-flavored homemade ring bologna with this quality blend of spices that is a processors' favorite.


10. Venison Jerky Kit 

A must-have for any jerky lover or avid venison eater, the trio of flavors in our variety pack can't be beat! This easy make-at-home kit includes our best-selling Cracked Pepper & Garlic, Teriyaki and Honey BBQ seasoning and cure for up to 15 lbs. of meat. A delicious, wholesome treat when made with venison and can be done in a smoker, oven or dehydrator. Great for hunting season and first-time jerky makers.

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