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Beyond the Blend: Jackpot Carolina Gold

Beyond the Blend: Jackpot Carolina Gold

A Lotto Flavor.

Inspired by the Golden BBQ flavors of South Carolina, we bottled up tangy mustard and sweet honey into a dry rub and sauce that are both versatile and delicious. Also known as the Mustard Belt, South Carolina's love of mustard sauce can be traced to the abundance of German settlers who brought the tangy condiment over and into the BBQ mainstream. 

The perfect compliment to smoked pork, our Jackpot Rub was designed to mimic the glue pitmasters use to adhere seasoning before smoking. Its fine granulation makes it the perfect coating that turns into a mouthwatering glaze as it cooks. For an extra flavor punch, pair it with our Jackpot Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce.  

      Flavor Profile 

      Inspired by the tangy mustard-based flavors of Carolina Gold BBQ, our Jackpot dry rub has a base of fine honey granules and mustard powder, rounded out with garlic, onion and other spices: 

      Honey Granules: This rub starts with sweet and distinct taste of honey in granulated form. Granulated honey is made with co-crystallization of refinery syrup and liquid honey, then breaking the sweet dried crystals into fine granules.

      Salad-Style Mustard: Salad style mustard isn't just mustard- it has the vinegar, turmeric, etc. which gives it much more flavor than just regular mustard. 

      Natural Butter Flavor: The butter adds a richness and balances out the tanginess of the mustard. 

      Worcestershire: A traditional ingredient in Carolina Gold BBQ, this richly flavored sauce is a result of several fermented ingredients including vinegar, fermented onion and garlic, molasses, tamarind paste, cured anchovies, and a mix of rich spices. 


      This sweet and tangy blend is versatile enough to use on everything from smoked pork shoulder and ribs to mac and cheese, baked goods, breadings, batters and more. 

      Double Jackpot Smoked Baby Back Ribs

      Double down and make these double Jackpot Carolina ribs. Our honey mustard rub is the perfect coating for baby back ribs, giving a sweet and tangy dusting that caramelizes as the ribs cook. Finish them off with our Jackpot Carolina Gold BBQ sauce for a whole lotto flavor.


       Jackpot Cedar-Plank Salmon

      Go for the gold with this easy Jackpot Cedar-Plank Grilled Salmon. Our Jackpot Honey Mustard Rub has a fine texture that caramelizes into a delicious glaze as the salmon cooks.


      Jackpot Pulled Pork 

      Hit the jackpot with our slow-smoked Carolina Gold pork shoulder. No need to slather in mustard, our Jackpot Honey Mustard Rub adds a superfine coating of sweet and tangy honey mustard that melts into the meat as it smokes. Shred and stack high on a pretzel bun with a tangy Carolina Gold BBQ sauce.

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