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Jackpot Pulled Pork

Jackpot Pulled Pork

Hit the jackpot with our slow-smoked Carolina Gold pork shoulder. No need to slather in mustard, our Jackpot Honey Mustard Rub adds a superfine coating of sweet and tangy honey mustard that melts into the meat as it smokes. Shred and stack high on a pretzel bun with a tangy Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. 

Jackpot Pulled Pork

Difficulty: Moderate
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 6 hours
Serves: 12


8 lbs. Pork Shoulder, bone-in

2/3 cup

Jackpot Honey Mustard Rub
1 quart Water, divided
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
12  Pretzel Buns, toasted
TT Jackpot Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce 



  1. Preheat grill or smoker to 250 F.

  2. Score the fat cap of the pork shoulder in a cross-hatch pattern, then season the pork with Jackpot Rub.  Transfer to the grill and smoke for 3 hours.

  3. Transfer the pork shoulder to a large, deep cast iron skillet, or aluminum pan, add 3 cups of water, then loosely cover with foil.  Set an aluminum pan, or foil cup of vinegar plus 1 cup of water next to the pork shoulder. Increase the temperature to 300 F, and cook for an additional 3 hours.

  4. Remove pork from the grill, rest for 20 minutes, then shred.

  5. Serve pulled pork on a toasted pretzel bun with Jackpot BBQ sauce, alongside your favorite coleslaw.


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