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Beyond the Blend: No. 0304 Farm House Veggie Blend

Beyond the Blend: No. 0304 Farm House Veggie Blend

Cream of the Crop. 

Just like every green thumb needs a good set of tools for their garden, every cook needs a blend of herbs and veggies for their kitchen. That’s why we took the garden favorites you love and bottled them up into our Farm House grinder that packs fresh-picked flavor into any dish.

This well-balanced blend of carrot, tomato, herbs, leeks, onion and garlic is a versatile seasoning that will add savory flavor to egg dishes, pasta, chicken, pork and more. This coarse seasoning blend in an adjustable grinder top allows you to get maximum freshness while controlling the grain for different applications. 

"Love this Farm House - Veggie Blend on everything I've tried it on already, can't wait to find more. Adds great flavor on roasted & grilled veggies, omelettes and frittatas. One of my new favorite jars in my spice rack." - Carrie R. 


      Flavor Profile 

      This savory blend starts with onions, garlic and sea salt but gets extra depth from a variety of real vegetables:

      Carrots: Dehydrated carrots add great visual appeal, texture, and fresh carrot flavor to this blend. 

      Tomato: Dried tomatoes have a rich, mildly acidic flavor that will enhance your dishes with a tangy-sweet flavor. 

      Bell Peppers: Red bell peppers are distinctively sweet and are very mild, even when dried. The sweetness is balanced by the green, or unripened bell peppers, that have a crunchy and grassier flavor than their red, yellow or orange counterparts. When dried, they add a distinct freshness.

      Celery: Celery gives this blend distinctive earthy notes, similar to the fresh celery that we eat.

      Leeks: Leek are related to the onion but are milder and sweeter, adding just a hint of onion flavor.


      This blend is great on grilled or roasted veggies, but is also delicious on pork or chicken, cracked into a compound butter or vinaigrette, mixed into cream cheese for dips and spreads, or sprinkled on top of baked goods. 


      Grilled Veggie & Pork Loin Panini

      A healthy and flavorful panini filled with thick slices of pork loin, grilled vegetables, and provolone cheese. Stack it high and press it to golden, crispy perfection.


      Farmhouse Frittata

      You won't be-LEAF how tasty and easy this Farmhouse Frittata is. Filled with eggs, asparagus, spinach and parmesan cheese, this frittata is perfect for a healthy breakfast or dinner.


      Roasted Beet Deviled Eggs

      Sweet and earthy roasted beets are the perfect topping for these classic deviled eggs. Our Farm House Veggie blends adds even more savory veggie flavors when mixed into the yolks and cracked on top. Bonus points for cracking extra seasoning on the beets before roasting.

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