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Smokers Supplies

We offer supplies and equipment for both the amateur and professional processor. Our product selection covers every job from butchering, sausage making, smoking, brining, freezing, sanitation and more.

Supplies for Smokin’ Good Meat

Getting the best-smoked meat is more than having the right smoker and cuts. You also need proper smoker supplies to ensure you bring out the best flavor. Our smoker supplies allow everyone to make delectable smoked meats at home.

What Supplies Do You Need for a Smoker?

You’ve got the meat and you’ve got your smoker. Now all you need are some meat smoking supplies and you’re ready to get started on your next meat smoking. Here’s a smoker supplies checklist to help you get started:

Smoker Fuel

The type of fuel you use to smoke your meat can impact the flavor. Wood is a great option since it can infuse the flavor into the meat for a unique taste. Wood pellets provide a consistent burn and don’t need pre-treatment before use, while wood chips allow for more controlled smoke. On another hand, sawdust comes in various types such as hickory, cherry wood or apple wood, giving a unique taste to your meat when smoking.

Meat Thermometer

When smoking meat, keep the temperature consistent to get a low, slow cook. The best way to ensure your meat is at the right temperature is to use a reliable meat thermometer. You can check the meat at different points during smoking to ensure it’s remaining consistent.

Smoker Seasoning Kits

Find the seasoning blend that works best for your meat and taste. Whether you’re looking for jerky making kits or seasonings and rubs to get flavorful smoked meat, we have you covered. Smoker seasoning kits are a must for smoking meat!

Meat Hangers

Meat hangers are a great way to get that smoky taste throughout your meat. These durable hooks are strong enough to pierce any meat and sturdy enough to hang in the smoker.

Food-Grade Lubricant

A good, food-grade lubricant prevents machinery and equipment from getting dirty or rusty. They can help protect against regular wear and tear on your smoker.

Meat Bags

You need a surefire way to store processed meats and keep them fresh for longer. You need meat bags. Using bags specifically labeled for pork, ground beef, and wild game can help you stay organized when storing multiple types of meat before and after smoking.

Which Type of Sawdust Should I Use?

Each sawdust provides a different flavor, so choosing the one you want to use is entirely up to your personal preference. Here’s what each type of sawdust adds to the flavor of the smoked meat:

  • Cherry wood is mild and sweet which goes great on any meat.
  • Applewood is strong and sweet and pairs well with beef, pork, and poultry.
  • Mesquite provides a deeply sweet and savory flavor best for beef and pork.
  • Hickory has a strong smokiness that’s best for bacon, ham, or beef.
  • Mixed hardwood has a milder sweet smoke flavor and gives a rich coloring to any meat.

Is it Better to Use a Wood or Pellet Smoker?

Wood and pellet smokers both provide flavorful meat—but which is better to use? Ultimately, that’s a personal preference. Wood smokers aren’t usually powered by electricity, so they can be used anywhere. But pellet smokers need to have pellets added manually throughout the cook. Pellet smokers are also typically smaller than wood smokers, so if you’re planning on smoking a lot of meat, it might be best to opt for a wood smoker.

Can You Use Sawdust in a Pellet Smoker?

Sawdust can be added to a pellet tube to add extra smokey flavors to the meat. Be sure to pack it in extra tight to let it burn effectively.

Smoke Your Way to Incredible Flavor

Find all the smoker supplies you need to bring out mouthwatering flavors in your meats with PS Seasoning. Whether you’re new to smoking meat or a seasoned pro, we have the supplies for everyone to be an expert smoker.

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