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No. 155 Blue Ribbon Wiener Seasoning

Product image 1No. 155 Blue Ribbon Wiener Seasoning
Product image 2Blue Ribbon Wiener Seasoning
Product image 3PS Seasoning Blue Ribbon Wiener Blend

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Our founder Harold Hanni won both state and national awards with this secret family recipe straight from Switzerland!


  • Makes blue-ribbon wieners, hot dogs and sausages
  • Award-winning
  • .95 Lb. B Unit for 25 lb. meat batch
  • Comes complete with our Maple Cure

One pound conversion
  • Seasoning per pound: 2 Tablespoons
  • Cure per pound: 1 3/4 Teaspoon
Casings we recommend


1. Grind all products through ⅜” plate.
2. Regrind twice through 3/16” plate.
3. Add cure to ½ the water and add to meat.
4. Add seasoning and binder flour mixed with ½ the water (keeps moisture in meat) and mix 4-6 minutes or until meat is tacky.
5. Let rest overnight in cool area to allow flavor and color to develop (optional)
6. Stuff into 24-26 mm sheep casings


1) Preheat Smoker to 130°F.
2) Hang wieners on smoke sticks (do not have any pieces touching if possible).
3) Insert temperature probe to center of one link or strip 1 link over probe. Run with dampers wide open for 30 minutes. 
4) Place ¼ pan of moistened sawdust on burner and increase temperature to 150°F.
5) Set top damper ⅛ open, bottom damper ¾ open and smoke for 45 minutes. 
6) Increase temperature to 170°F and cook until you reach an internal temperature of 155°F. 

7) Immediately place in a cold-water bath for 20 minutes until internal temperature reaches 100-110°F. Dry at room temperature.


Dextrose, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Monosodium Glutamate, Garlic*. *Dried.

Contains: MSG


Whether you use all beef, venison, pork, poultry or your own special blend, we’re going to help you make something far better than the packaged dogs you find at the grocery store. And most importantly, you’ll know what's in them.


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The type of casing used is typically dictated by tradition but also varies by processing technique, ingredients, and size. Most sausage casings are natural, collagen or fibrous, with a wide array of sizes and applications.

Seasoning Conversion Chart

We created a conversion chart to assist you on the amount of seasoning and cure needed to make only one pound of meat.

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