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Father's Day Gift Guide

Every Father’s Day we aspire to give the perfect gift--something that's equal parts useful, clever and thoughtful. But after so many years, ideas run out or get overused (ties, whiskey stones, world’s best dad apron, we see you). Luckily, there’s one thing that all dads have in common: they have to eat. Whether he’s the meat-and-potatoes type or an aspiring Masterchef, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts for your favorite guy. And he’ll think of you with every memorable bite.

The DIY-er
From home renos and woodworking to brewing his own craft beer, he’s in his happy place when immersed in any kind of DIY project. He prides himself in his ability to take on any new hobby and own it. This Father’s Day, indulge his DIY nature with our all-in-one kits for making jerky, brats, snack sticks, summer sausage and more. With our award-winning seasonings, casings, and step-by-step instructions included, he can experiment with different proteins and flavors until he’s a sausage making pro.

The Grill Master
Every time you get together, he’s firing up the grill (rain, snow, or shine). He loves the primal thrill of cooking his meat over an open flame and is constantly searching for the best in BBQ. Since you can only have so many grill brushes, enhance his BBQ experience this Father’s Day with our award-winning range of rubs, marinades, sauces, and glazes. Throw in a few of his favorite steaks for extra brownie points.

The Hunter
Every season since he was a kid, he looks forward to the annual pilgrimage to Deer Camp. Drinking beers, playing cards, and just shooting the bull, it was never just about the hunt for him, and he’s passed those memories and experiences on to you. Keep the bonding going after the hunt with our complete processing supplies. He’ll find new and delicious ways to enjoy his spoils with our best-selling Teriyaki Jerky kit. If he’s already an experienced processor, treat him to our award-winning Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage seasoning and mahogany casings made just for venison.

The Angler
His ideal Saturday? Enjoying the peaceful sounds of the waves rocking against the boat, the tug of the line as he gets a bite, and the joy of bringing home his latest catch. He showed you how to bait your first hook, tie your first, fly and how to catch and release. Now, show him how much you appreciate him with all of our post-catch essentials. Our seasoned breading mix packs a tangy punch of lemon, or go naked with our punchy Lemon Pepper seasoning. Show him there’s more to life than Old Bay with our Seafood Boil seasoning, served up with some indulgent Jalapeno Cheddar biscuits.

The Chef
If there’s one way to his heart, it’s through his stomach. He loves whipping out his coveted chef’s knife and trying to recreate the winning dish on the latest episode of Top Chef. From sous vide to the smoker, he's always finding new ways to cook up delicious memories for his loved ones. Help him up the ante in the kitchen with our line of gourmet seasonings and mixes.

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