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Fibrous Casings - Mahogany (Venison)

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Our mahogany-colored fibrous casings are perfect for making venison summer sausage, salami, and other smoked venison products. Available in a wide array of sizes (see chart below), these casings come pre-tied and perforated to better adhere to the meat.

Sold in bundles of 25 casings. 

10 = 22.5lbs
25 = 50lbs


  • Non-edible 
  • Perforated/Pre-Stuck
  • Come pre-tied at one end
  • Ideal for summer sausage or salami
  • Must be soaked for at least 25-30 minutes in warm water before using

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Fibrous Casings should be soaked for at least 25-30 minutes in warm water (80-100 deg). Lay casings in water flat and submerge completely, tied end lower so that the trapped air can escape. After soaking, squeeze excess water of out of casings then start stuffing! 

Approximate stuffing weight
2½" x 14" 2 Lbs. 
2½" x 20" 3 Lbs.

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