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PS Seasoning Announces 100,000 Meal Donations

PS Seasoning Announces 100,000 Meal Donations

We're excited to announce our 100,000 meal donation to The Outreach Program as part of the #PSFightsHunger initiative. This donation marks a major milestone in our mission to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food, and we could not have done it without the support of our customers. 

Since launching in September 2017, PS Seasoning has donated and packaged meals that are distributed to local and national food pantries. Every soup, oatmeal or pancake mix purchased from PS Seasoning provides six meals to a family in need. “We launched our buy one, donate six campaign in 2017 and quickly grew our numbers due to the incredible support of our customers,” said President Joe Hanni.

821 Million People across our world do not get enough food to eat and are undernourished, according to FAO. In the United States, about 1 in 8 Americans or 12.3% of American households feel the pressure of food insecurity, according to The United States Department of Agriculture.

PS Seasoning’s partners with The Outreach Program to attack this head-on by recognizing hunger insecurity as one of its four core foundations. The Outreach Program impacts their clients' lives by providing them education and resources that empower them to take the first step into the hunger space. This is accomplished through volunteer engagement in meal packaging experiences. Empowering individuals, building teams, and advancing local communities to add their voices to the fight against hunger.  During meal packing events, volunteers package the meals in a hands-on environment. The nutrient-enriched finished meals are then distributed across the United States and around the world to the food insecure.

“We thank PS Seasonings management and staff, as well as its customers, for their contribution to our mission,” Outreach Program Co-Founder and President Floyd Hammer said. “Their compassion and desire to make a difference in this world has had a positive impact on the lives of those in the community and beyond.”


Help us continue to fight hunger! Purchase any soup, pancake, or oatmeal mix and we’ll donate 6 nutritious meals to those in need.
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