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Beyond the Blend: No. 104 Notorious P.I.G. Pulled Pork Rub

Beyond the Blend: No. 104 Notorious P.I.G. Pulled Pork Rub

Off the Charts

I love it when you call me Pig Poppa. Filled with sweet brown sugar and tongue-tinglin' peppers, our best-selling No. 104 Pulled Pork Rub will hypnotize your taste buds. This smoky, sweet and spicy blend is the perfect pairing for smoking pork shoulder, roasts, loins or any cut you can imagine. And we don't call it Notorious for nothing. 

Pork has a naturally mild and sweet flavor that can be paired with a variety of flavors. For a classic BBQ'd pork flavor and color, we combined brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic, chipotle pepper and hickory smoke flavor. This blend gets an extra kick and visual element from whole crushed red pepper flakes. But don't let the name hold you back, we've used this blend on beef and chicken and both were equally delicious. Aside from pulled pork some of our favorite uses are: 

  • Smoked Pork Chops
  • Tenderloin
  • Eggs 
  • Jalapeno Poppers

"Absolutely my favorite pork rub. Love this rub, the little bit of heat on the backend is amazing." -Eric, customer

Flavor Profile 

No. 104 has a balanced salty-sweet-smoky profile that's specifically made to pair with all cuts of pork. Other than its base of sugar and salt, this rub has: 

Brown Sugar: A sweet base is essential for a good BBQ rub. The sugars help in color development and bark formation, caramelizing into a delicious candy-type coating. 

Chili Pepper: Chili powder is a red-colored blend of dried and ground chili peppers that provide mild heat and savory notes.

Red Pepper: Red pepper flakes come mainly from cayenne peppers and add both heat and flecks of color to your finished product. 

Chipotle:  Chipotle pepper refers to a smoke-dried, ripened jalapeno pepper. It adds extra depth and smokiness to the blend. 

Hickory Smoke: Hickory smoked has a bold bacon-like flavor that brings sweet and savory together to compliment a wide variety of meats.

"Taste like a pig and a bowl of chili had a love child" - John B. 


No. 104's sweet and smoky flavors make it a great rub for any kind of meat. The sweet brown sugar and spices mingle with the juices of the meat, creating a delicious bark that's off the charts. 

Hawaiian Pulled Pork

The next best thing to a whole hog roast, say aloha to this easy Hawaiian smoked pork shoulder. With an extra kick from our Notorious P.I.G., the pork is smoked then braised in our Big Kahuna pineapple teriyaki sauce. Shred and serve with rice or add to tacos, lettuce wraps and more. 



Smoked Bone-In Pork Chops 

A recipe with some serious chops. Thick-cut bone-in pork chops are seasoned heavily in our smoky, spicy and sweet Notorious P.I.G. rub then smoked until melt-in-your-mouth tender. 


Notorious Pork Back Ribs

This Pork Back Rib recipe may be simple, but it sure packs some heat. Classic pork back ribs are rubbed in a mustard glue, then a layer of our smoky-sweet-spicy Notorious P.I.G rub.



Pork Belly Burnt Ends

The ultimate meat candy, smoked pork belly burnt ends are tender nuggets bursting with flavor and easy to make. Toss them in our bold and spicy Notorious P.I.G. rub, smoke 'em low and slow, then top 'em off with a sweet and sticky barbecue sauce.

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