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Beyond the Blend: No. 0012 Grate State

More Cheese, Please

Here in America's Dairyland, cheese reigns supreme. We know pretty much everything is better with cheese, so we bottled up a rich and tangy blend of gouda and parmesan so that you can enjoy the taste of cheese on everything you eat (you're welcome). 

Grate State is a rich cheesy seasoning that’s great shaken directly on veggies, pasta dishes, pizza, eggs, or mixed into burgers, sauces or soups. Its fine texture makes it perfect for seasoning popcorn, fries, garlic bread, or any snack that needs a dusting of cheesy goodness. 

grate state cheesy blend 

Flavor Profile 

With a creamy and savory base enhanced with real cheese, this blend gets its richness from a blend of unique flavors: 

Garlic: All good things start with garlic, and this is the first ingredient in this blend. Paired with black garlic flavor, the savory base helps balance out the richness and tanginess of the cheeses. 

Gouda: This Dutch cheese has a soft texture with a buttery and nutty flavor that will add distinct cheesy flavor to all your dishes.

Butter: We added natural butter flavoring to add depth, creaminess, and richness. 

Parmesan: Real parmesan cheese adds and extra sharpness and nuttiness that enhances the flavor of the gouda. The more cheese, the better. 

Chive: A relative of onions, leeks and garlic, chives have a delicate onion flavor that is complemented by hints of garlic.  


For most applications, shake seasoning directly on veggies, meats or into sauces or dips. When sampling this in our test kitchen, we found this seasoning blend amazing when mixed into burgers or mixed with breadcrumbs and butter to create a flavorful and crunchy topping for our mac and cheese. 

The Gratest Mac and CheeseDitch the box and make rich and velvety mac and cheese at home. Our Grate-est version is filled with nutty parmesan and cheddar cheese, then gets an extra kick of cheesy, buttery goodness from Grate State. 

grate state

 Mac 'n Cheeseburger: A true cheeselover's delight. Our Grate-est Mac 'n Cheese is heaped on top of a Grate State burger. 

Grate State Green Beans: Everything is better with bacon, especially veggies! These tender and snappy green beans are tossed with salty bacon and a generous coating of Grate State.

grate state green beans

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