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PS Seasoning & Spices Sodium Erythorbate

Sodium Erythorbate

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This additive is used on all sausages, but please check your spice bag, it may already contain Sodium Erythorbate.  Sodium Erythorbate is used primarily to bring out a nice rich color in your sausage.  It also assists the nitrates in sausage to work faster.  You may also use this in a brine for hams and bacon or with your poultry.   However, it is primarily used with hams and bacon to bring out a nice red color.  

  • If spice bag does not already contain Sodium Erythorbate: Add 7 oz. to 1/2 lb. with 100 lbs. of meat.
  • For Use In Brines: Use 7.5 oz. to 10 Gallons of water or brine (or .75 oz. {.045 lbs} to 1 Gallon of brine or water). 

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