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No. 160 Liverwurst / Braunschweiger Seasoning

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Our Liverwurst/Braunschweiger Seasoning blends spices for "Old World" flavor. Traditionally made with pork liver for a soft, spreadable German style sausage.

Award Winning

  • Blend with pork or beef liver and various sections of pork
  • .76 Lb. B Unit for 25 lbs. of meat

Note: Speed Cure is needed when making Braunschweiger. Speed Cure is sold separately.

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        Salt, Onion*, Spices, Monosodium Glutamate. *Dried.

        Contains: MSG



        (For 12-1/2# Batches Divide Following By 1/2)

        You will need:

        • Seasoning Packet
        • 18 1/2# of Lean Pork
        • 6 1/2# Pork Liver
        • 2 to 3 Fresh Onions Chopped and Ground (Optional)

        *For Braunschweiger add 0.06 lb. speed cure sold seperately

        Suggested Procedure For Liverwurst: Cut liver and pork into chunks. Cook in Kettle at 180-190 degrees F for 1 1/2 hours. Drain. Save broth. Cool to 40 degrees F. Grind meat with 3/16" plate and add 1-1/2 lbs of broth. Add seasonings and onions (Optional), mix well. Stuff into 2" or 4" casings or sewn hog bungs. After stuffing place into 180 degree F water.  If water temperature reaches higher than 180-185 degrees F the casings may burst. Let temperature drop to 165 degrees F. Hold temperature until internal temperaure reaches 156 degrees F, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Remove from hot water and chill in ice water for 1-2 hours. Add more ice if necessary. Wipe off the grease from the outside of the casing. Place in cooler.

        Suggested Procedure For Braunschweiger: Cut liver and pork into chunks. Cook in kettle at 180-190 degrees F for 20-30 minutes. Drain. Save broth. Cool meat to 40 degrees F. Grind liver and pork through a 1/8" plate. Regrine 2-3 times, add broth in the last grind. Add seasoning, cure, and onions (Optional). Mix well. Stuff into 40-43 beef rounds or braunschweiger casings. Put sausages in preheated water. Cook until the internal sausage temperature reaches 152 degrees F. Remove and place in cold water until cool to touch. Hang on smoke sticks to dry for 1 hour. Then hang in preheated smoker 115-120 degrees F. Add 3/4 pan moistened sawdust and smoke for 3 hours. Remove and place in cooler.

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