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Cured & Smoked Ham

Cured & Smoked Ham

Skip the store-bought spiral glazed and make your own cured and smoked ham. Not only will you get ultimate bragging rights, but you'll get a ham that's much tastier than the store version. In our version, we cured our fresh or green ham for 8 days then dried and smoked in the Pro Smoker PK 100. For the cherry on top, we rubbed with an apple cinnamon rub and glazed in Cherry BBQ Sauce. The perfect ham recipe for Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion.

HAM 101 

A ham comes from the back thigh/rump of a pig and can be purchased in a whole (18-20 lbs.) or half ham. The ready-to-eat ham you get at the store is generally a wet or brine-cured ham that is then smoked until pink and sliceable. A fresh or green ham (what you'll want to use for this recipe), is a ham that hasn't been cured and smoked. It's likely you won't be able to find this at your local grocery store, so be sure to check with your local meat market or butcher. 


As always, we recommend purchasing your fresh ham directly from your local butcher. You can ask for bone-in or boneless, but we recommend keeping the bone as it will increase flavor and moisture, plus you can use the bone to make delicious ham stock for soups (try this Ham & Northern Bean Soup). A slight fat cap (1/4") on your ham is desirable if you're planning to score, bake and glaze it. 
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