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Mix Your Own Brine For Beef Jerky

Mix Your Own Brine For Beef Jerky

For Brine:


2 ¼ (2.25) Cups         Water (38 to 40°F)                        
¾ (.75) Lb.  Sugar
2 ¼ (2.25) Lb.  Salt
¾ (.75) oz. Pink Speed Cure
1 oz. (2 Tbsp.) Garlic Salt
1 oz. (2 Tbsp.) Onion Salt   

Secondary Brine Suggestion: 

4 Lbs. Maple Cure
5 Cups Water (38 to 40°F)
1 oz. (2 Tbsp.) Garlic Salt
1 oz. (2 Tbsp.) Onion Salt (Or ½ oz. Onion Powder, 1 Tbsp.)                                


1) For best results use good lean meat. Put meat in freezer just long enough to firm up meat (about 1 ½ to 2 hours).
2) Remove from freezer and slice into ¼" to ⅜" thick pieces. (Note: Slicing with an electric slicer will give best results). Put slices in brine mixture for no longer than 45 minutes.

3) Before 45 minutes is up, remove from brine and place slices on smoker racks or shelves to dry.

Smoking Instructions:

1) Preheat smoker to 145°F, damper open, dry for 2 hours.
2) Turn heat up to 160°F, add smoke, damper ½ open, and smoke for 4 hours.
3) After 4 hours, turn heat up to 170°F with damper ½ open and dry till desired texture.

4) Turn off smoker. Let cool until you can handle.

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  • 2.25lbs of salt in 2.25 gallons of water? That amount of salt combined with the other spices (salt) seems reall excessive

  • Do you do the Brine before or after you marinate? It’s very confusing


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