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Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst

Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst



For 25 Lb. Meat Batch

1 Package - B Unit                  No. 284 Mushroom Bratwurst Seasoning or No. 275 Blue Ribbon Bratwurst Seasoning
15-16 Lbs. Cubed Pork Butt
2 #10 Cans  Mushroom Pieces w/ Stems (1 can drain, 1 can reserve liquid)
5 Lbs.  High Temp Swiss Cheese
10-12 Cups Crushed Ice (Use to keep meat mix cold while working it)
1 Package              32-25 MM Hog Casings


Contributed By:  Dan Vesel at The Brat Barn


1) Add pork, seasoning, and the ice.  Mix together PRIOR to grinding. 
2) Grind through 3/16" plate once.
3) Add Mushrooms and Swiss cheese, mix well but quickly to keep the ice from melting.

Note: Once the ice is added to the meat try and keep things moving along quickly and return meat mixture to the fridge/freezer whenever possible and not working with it.  Return links to the refrigerator as well as they are made.  This holds true for all sausage making.  Your brats will retain a bright pink color if the are kept COLD.  Your stuffer hopper should bead up with condensation if the meat mix is cold enough. 

This should yield 100-110 7" links when using the 32-35 mm casings.

Tip: A #10 can is the large industrial size can that can be found at Sames Club or similar stores.
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