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15 hour potatoes recipe by PS Seasoning

15-Hour Potatoes TikTok Recipe

Tiktok potatoes recipe are always trending and this one has been blowing up. While 15 hour potatoes have been trending on TikTok recently, this fried potato recipe have been around for much longer than that. 

Originally, this recipe was developed by the renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, chef of The Fat Duck in Berkshire that three Michelin stars, no less! You can therefore expect nothing less but mind-blowing results from this recipe.

Though you might think a 15 hour potato recipe is overkill, whoever said “worth the wait” was spot on! These TikTok potatoes are not messing around and each bite will make you appreciate the hours of preparation that go into this trending potato recipe.

So what are 15 hour potatoes exactly? This outstanding potato recipe involves slow-cooking potatoes at a very low temperature for about 15 hours in total. The result is a dish that showcases the transformative power of slow cooking and the potential to bring out the best flavors in simple ingredients like potatoes.

Now, don't worry, you won't need to be hands-on during this entire time as most of the 15 hours will actually be rest time in the fridge. 

A question we often get is "can you make 15 hour potatoes without duck fat?" and you indeed can. You can use beef tallow or different oil for equally delicious results! These spud-tastic fried potatoes will satisfy every couch potato! 

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  • Can I put in the fridge for longer than 15 hours. Like 20 hours?

  • Do you have to use duck fat or beef tallow? Can you use shortening or oil?


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