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Inclusions in Sausage Making: Benefits of Extending Your Meat Block

Inclusions in Sausage Making: Benefits of Extending Your Meat Block

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, consumers are increasingly seeking unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Inclusions, the addition of real and diverse ingredients to your sausage, have emerged as a key player in meeting these demands. From enhancing visual appeal to contributing to mouthfeel and flavor recognition, inclusions have become a vital component of innovative food products. This article delves into the reasons consumers are drawn to inclusions and why they command a higher price point. 

Why Consumers Like Inclusions: 

Improves Visual Appeal:

Inclusions serve as eye-catching elements, transforming the appearance of food products. The vibrant colors and distinct shapes of inclusions make the product visually appealing, enticing consumers and creating a memorable experience. 

Adds Textural Element:

The incorporation of inclusions introduces a textural contrast, breaking the monotony and enhancing the overall eating experience. Whether it's the crunch of nuts or the chewiness of dried fruit, textures contribute significantly to consumer satisfaction. 

Contributes to Mouthfeel:

Inclusions play a crucial role in enhancing the overall mouthfeel of a product. They provide a dynamic sensory experience, making each bite more interesting and enjoyable. 

Flavor Recognition:

Certain inclusions, such as jalapeno and cheddar pieces in a snack stick or real pasta in a mac and cheese sausage, are not only about taste but also about the visual recognition of the flavor. Consumers appreciate seeing the real pieces that correspond to the promised flavors, creating a more authentic and enjoyable eating experience. 

Expands Innovation Opportunities:

Inclusions open the door to limitless innovation. From experimenting with fresh and dried fruits to incorporating cheeses, rice, and noodles, meat markets can continuously surprise their consumers with new and exciting offerings. 

How These Call for Premium Pricing: 

Stretches the Meat Block:

Inclusions allow for the stretching of the primary ingredient, like the meat block in sausages. For instance, consider a mac and cheese bratwurst – without inclusions, 100 lbs of pork could yield 500 brats, but with the addition of 12 lbs of seasoning, 5 lbs of noodles, and 10 lbs of high temp cheese, the yield increases to 635 brats. This not only adds value but justifies a premium price point, increase your return on investment. 

Increased Moisture Holding Potential:

Inclusions contribute to improved moisture retention, resulting in a juicier final product. This enhanced quality justifies a higher price, as consumers are willing to pay for a superior eating experience. 

Expands Innovation Opportunities:

The ability to innovate with inclusions is a premium feature in itself. Consumers are willing to invest in unique and creative products, making premium pricing not just about the ingredients but also about the innovation they bring to the table. 

Authenticity of Inclusions:

Unlike artificial flavorings or extracts, inclusions are real pieces of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. This authenticity adds value to the product, making it worth the premium price for those seeking genuine and high-quality food experiences. 

Opportunity to Use a Combination of Fresh and Dried/Dehydrated Inclusions:

The flexibility to combine fresh and dried/dehydrated inclusions allows for year-round availability of certain ingredients and adds to the product's overall appeal, justifying a higher price point. 

Differentiation Vs. Competition: 

Not Shy About Flavor:

Inclusions give products a bold flavor profile, setting them apart from competitors. Consumers are willing to pay more for a product that doesn't shy away from delivering a distinctive and memorable taste. 

Layering of Flavors to Elevate Eating Experience:

Inclusions provide an opportunity for layering flavors, creating a multi-dimensional taste experience. This complexity in flavor contributes to a more premium eating experience, making consumers more inclined to pay a higher price for a product that stands out from the competition. 

Inclusions have become a driving force in the food industry, offering an array of sensory experiences and opportunities for innovation. The additional costs incurred in sourcing, processing, and incorporating these real ingredients justify the premium price point. As consumers increasingly seek unique and high-quality food experiences, inclusions present an avenue for manufacturers to differentiate their products, offering not just sustenance but a culinary journey worth the investment. 

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