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Beyond the Blend: No. 071 Wild Game Seasoning

Beyond the Blend: No. 071 Wild Game Seasoning

A Northwoods tradition, the annual pilgrimage to Deer Camp is something us Midwest hunters look forward to all year. Shooting the bull, playing cards, throwing back a few beers is and of course, the hunt. No trip to Deer Camp is complete without the perfect seasoning that’ll complement those fresh tenderloins or backstraps. 

Regardless of how you cook your deer (or elk, bear, wild turkey, etc.) you want to make sure it's seasoned for maximum flavor. While many hunters have go-to seasoning recipes that have been perfected over years of hunting, this robust blend will add an addicting flavor and richness to any kind of meat. 

Flavor Profile 

The strong flavors of game meat are best balanced out with sweetness, a little heat, and earthy flavors from a variety of herbs. Our Wild Game Seasoning is the perfect blend of each, with bold flavors that enhance game meat without overpowering it. With a heavy dose of garlic and onion, this blend gets its depth from a blend of earthy dried herbs: 

Paprika: Made from the ground pod of bell peppers, paprika is a popular seasoning for meat as it lends a subtle sweetness and vibrant color to meat dishes.

Fennel: Typically used in sausage making and Italian dishes, fennel seeds have a warm, aromatic flavor that adds depth to meat.

Thyme: Thyme has a gentle flavor that blends with just about anything. Its taste is a bit earthy with lemony and minty tones that help tame meaty flavors. 

Dill: No pickle flavor here. Dried dill lends a slightly sweet flavor, with notes of celery and aniseed that add wonderful earthiness when paired with other savory spices. 


For most applications, lightly coat meat surface with rub prior to cooking, smoking, or grilling. When sampling this in our test kitchen, we found this seasoning blend amazing when mixed into beef burgers and sprinkled on tenderloin (beef or venison!). 

Venison Breakfast Hash: Fuel your morning hunt with this hearty skillet hash.

venison breakfast hash

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