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Sodium Erythorbate

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This additive is used on all sausages, but please check your spice bag, it may already contain Sodium Erythorbate.  Sodium Erythorbate is used primarily to bring out a nice rich color in your sausage.  It also assists the nitrates in sausage to work faster.  You may also use this in a brine for hams and bacon or with your poultry.   However, it is primarily used with hams and bacon to bring out a nice red color.  

  • If spice bag does not already contain Sodium Erythorbate:  Add 7/8 oz (25g) Sodium Erythorbate per 100 lbs of meat.


Whether you use all beef, venison, pork, poultry or your own special blend, we’re going to help you make something far better than the packaged dogs you find at the grocery store. And most importantly, you’ll know what's in them.


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The type of casing used is typically dictated by tradition but also varies by processing technique, ingredients, and size. Most sausage casings are natural, collagen or fibrous, with a wide array of sizes and applications.

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