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Poor Man

Poor Man's Prime Rib Recipe

Prime rib is undoubtedly one of the most popular cut of beef. Usually seared and then slow cooked to make the meat tender and juicy, this cut is sure to be the star of the BBQ party. However, considering a prime-grade prime rib costs about $17 a pound, you might consider the more affordable poor man's prime rib version. 

Like the name implies, the poor man's prime rib recipe is a great alternative to the classic prime rib cut as it uses chuck roast instead. Not to worry though as it will provide the same juicy taste you so enjoy without loosing anything in terms of quality.

Trust the barbecue experts, it's time to take Prime Rib to a whole new affordable level with this Poor Man's Prime Rib. Two Chuck Roasts tied together to bring you the flavor you know and love!

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