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Health Benefits of Chipotle

Health Benefits of Chipotle

Did you know that chipotle peppers are just jalapeños that have been left on the plant?  

They stay there until they are bright red and then removed to be smoke dried in order to remove all of the water weight inside. This drying process is what gives chipotle peppers that smoky flavor that has become so popular in sauces and seasonings.

Cardiovascular Disease

Chipotles have been positively linked to a reduction of heart attacks and strokes. They reduce the presence of cholesterol and triglycerides which can both lead to life-threatening conditions.  Capsaicin in the peppers widen and relax blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure. 

Cancer Prevention

Capsaicin, which is the organic chemical that gives the peppers its spice or heat, have been linked to triggering cells that kill cancerous cells.  Cancers shown to be significantly reduced include prostate, lung and pancreatic. Studies have also shown result in shrinkage of cancerous tumors.

Diabetes Management/Prevention

Helping manage insulin levels in the body, capsaicin can help reduce flares and spikes of blood sugar in the body.  This making the quality of chipotle peppers being extremely useful to diabetic patients, especially type 2 diabetes.

Weight Loss

Studies show that capsaicin raises levels of consistent fat oxidation, rather than store it. Therefore that is turned into functional and useful energy. 

Metabolism and Energy Source

Capsaicin found in chipotle and jalapeno peppers effects your body even after you are done eating a capsaicin-rich meal.  The body increases its metabolism to burn more calories. 

Anti-inflammatory Activity

These hot peppers show anti-inflammatory properties both internally and externally. For external use and mixed with creams it can help with pain relief of sore joints and muscles. When it is consumed it will help with inflammation linked to conditions such as arthritis and the formation of tumors. 

Respiratory Conditions

Capsaicin is one of the most powerful elements in the process reductions of mucus. It can help with that stuffy nose, sinus headache and remove the irritants or bacterial that can be causing the respiratory or sinus condition. 


Being high in fiber, chili peppers have a high fiber content which will benefit your digestion tract. These peppers help food pass smoothly through, increase secretion of bile and digestive juices, and stimulate peristaltic motion.

Immune System

The natural antioxidant, vitamin C found in chipotle peppers can help search for and collect free radicals from the body and reduce your chances of getting an umber of diseases and conditions including cancer and heart disease. 

Night Blindness

Chipotle peppers also have a high level of vitamin A which is an essential nutrient in increasing eye health.  It slows down the appearance of cataracts and reduces macular degeneration. 

Wound Healing

Potassium is found in high quantities in these peppers. Potassium has uses such as a vasodilator for reducing blood pressure and a stimulant for cognitive function. it can speed up the healing of wounds, growths and reduces the appearance of scars. This nutrient also aids in the development of bone matter for growth and repair.

*With all of the impressive benefits of Chipotle Peppers, please keep in mind that these peppers have an enormous amount of heat*

Grilled Peaches with Chipotle Raspberry Glaze

Grilled Peaches w/ Raspberry Chipotle Glaze

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