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PS Wood To Meat Pairing Chart

PS Wood To Meat Pairing Chart

Smoking is a proficient technique that enhances meats natural flavor, but not all wood types pair well with all cuts of meat. As you become more experienced in the smoking process, there is nothing wrong with doing some experimentation by combining wood types for more unique results, but whether you are an amateur or expert, it all starts with the type of meat you intend to smoke.

When choosing a great flavor combination, one thought to consider is the potency of various smoking woods. It helps to look at the intensity of smoking woods on a scale of mild to strong. You want the wood that you select to harmonize with the type of meat you will be smoking and bear in mind that you do not want to over-smoke your meats. Since it is imperative to have some initial knowledge of pairing wood to meat, we've created this chart with insights to flavor profiles and recommendations for pairing meat with popular wood types.


Smoky-sweet, mildly fruity flavor. It contains the strongest flavor of all the fruit woods and works well for mixing with other wood types.


Sweet, mild and very fruity depending on the age of the wood. Give light-colored meats a rosy appearance. Works well for mixing with other woods.


Very strong - pungent with a bacon-like flavor. May cause bitterness if not used correctly. It's the most commonly used wood and works especially well with pork and ribs.


Strong, earthy flavor that produces lots of smoke. Sweeter and lighter than hickory, but can also become overpowering. Creates great flavor with rich meats when used correctly.


Our mixed hardwood is a blend of oak and maple. This combination gives a mild, somewhat sweet smoke flavor that results in rich, smoky coloring on meats. Great for brisket and smoked turkey.


Mildly sweet flavor that is similar to hickory, but nowhere near as strong. Great for all-around smoking. Works well for mixing with other wood types.

We hope this will be helpful to you in your smoking ventures.

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