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How to Make Buckboard Bacon

How to Make Buckboard Bacon

Don't pass the buck on this buckboard bacon! Traditional bacon is made from pork belly, but you can turn a cheap pork butt into a mouth full of flavor with homemade buckboard bacon. 

In this recipe, we cured an 8 lb boneless pork shoulder for 10 days in a mixture of cure, water, and a little Bourbon for added depth. The pork shoulder was then dried, seasoned with our Blue Ribbon BBQ rub then smoked like a traditional bacon belly. The result is large slices of well-marbled bacon that crisp up and are the perfect size for sandwiches, BLTs, burgers and more. 

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  • Ordering mine now. Looks great.

    Ricky Edwards
  • I did this recipe twice and it is amazing! Everyone I’ve given it to loves it! Starting my 3rd right now.

  • Sounds good. Gonna have to try it.


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