Fried Caramel Apple Rings

Fried Caramel Apple Rings
  • PS Seasoning Chef


2 Apples
1 Cup Caramel chunks
1 Cup Buttermilk Pancake Mix
2/3 Cup Water
Vegetable Oil
Powdered Sugar


1) Into 1/4" thick round shape, slice the apples.  Hollow out the center using a cookie cutter or knife.

2) With a paper towel, thoroughly dry the apple slices.

3) Melt Caramel in a bowl

4) Pick up the apple rings with a chop stick and lightly dip the peel of the apple slice into the melted caramel and in a rotating motion , spin and coat the rest of the apple.

5) Mix Pancake mix and water in a bowl and whisk together.

6) Pour vegetable oil in a pot and heat until temperature reaches 350°F.  Dip caramel apple rings into the pancake mixture and with tongs add them in the hot oil.  Turn rings occasionally.  Once rings are golden brown on both sides, remove from the oil and rest on a plate covered in paper towel to absorb the oil.

7) Top with powder sugar and serve!

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Fried Caramel Apple Rings: 2 Apples, 1 Cup Caramel Chunks, 2/3 Cup Water, Vegetable Oil, Powder Sugar

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  • Jacquelyn Cannon
    Jacquelyn Cannon

    I love apples and would love to try these recipes.

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